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E D Pesmerga2501
2007-11-01 04:44:05
Posts: 1
From: North America
Venus Blood Help? (
Hello there. Lately I have had my teeth sunk into the alt h game Venus Blood, and although my kana reading skills is all right, my kanji is very rough. It is said there are 4+ endings to the game and no matter how much I try I can only get 2 as well my cg and normal libraries are missing a few scenes and I am at a loss, would anyone like to help me or explain somethings I need to do different?


E D RocK_M
2007-11-06 18:50:36
Posts: 13
Re: Venus Blood Help? (
Ouch... props for trying to play an SLG w/ very lil Kanji experience xD I've had my own problems manually unlocking almost all the CG's/Endings myself (kinda gave up after getting Yuffie and a bad ending and grabbed a save state =P)

Anyway AFAIK there's about 7 endings 2 of which don't count as their the "bad" endings xD One "good" ending, Yuffie ending, Alfina ending, Lea ending and a Harem ending.

Anyway the ending is pretty much a combination of items you've unlocked/purchased (which usually unlocks a scene or 2 as long as the girl involved has been 'broken' enough), the points a girl has, and the decisions you make during the story points. Also with the exception of the "good ending" you have to have the Sutra Bar maxed out (ie. its pink) to avoid the 'bad endings'. The other exception is the Harem ending.. IIRC you need to unlock Yuffie's and Alfina's ending first.

Sorry couldn't help much xD

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