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E D .hack_user
2003-05-10 17:10:38
Posts: 1
game info. (
hey everyone. im here looking for ne info about a game called .hack//infection or ne of those games. mayb uv heard of it mayb not. im even interested in the series or the ova. if u happen 2 know ne thing about it and i mean ne thing at all (except the fact that its a game or ne thing else obvious like that) then plz let me know. ill b waiting 4 a reply. mayb we can even solve the mysteries of The World together.

E D Tabris
2003-05-16 13:50:48
Posts: 30
Re: game info. (
well the game to me seems to be a little too boring after awhile... and as for the anime... .hack//sign was rather serious but didn't really do too good of a job conveying the public on the authors thoughts since the anime was always serious and never had really entertaining moments.... while .hack//legend of the twilight braclet tried to be more cute (and actually suceeded to a huge extent) so that the general public would like it more but again i feel did a bad job in telling a thoughtful story

E D MaxAE86
2003-05-16 18:34:43

Posts: 32
Re: game info. (
I really liked the .hack//sign anime series. It's very well made. However I don't really care much about the game or the world...

I'm happy that I just bought the US version DVDs of .hack//sign. They came with the awesome sound track ^_^

E D frezno666
2003-07-01 23:13:44
Posts: 7
From: North America
Re: game info. (
sure...i can tell you anything you want to know about the .hack// ganes. im an expert. so what do you want to know?

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