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E D Yang Sei Fu
2003-09-16 22:21:38

Posts: 233
From: North America
To all who asks questions of language... (
I, the great Yang Sei Fu of, am tired of answering the repeated questions of old games and Japanese language here it is:

1: If you can't see the Japanese, go get NJStar if it's Windows. Unlikely you will have problems with JIS in DOS.

2: If you don't understand the game's language, go do following choices: Get a translation or study Japanese.
2a: TRANSLATIONS: Most famous games, like Kanon (KEY, 1999), have people translating all text inside the game. Not all games have such a luxury, especially the small, worthless little... anyways, if you see no walkthrough (that is in English) or guides or saves (usually save file sites are in JAPANESE...)...I suggest you try 2b.

2b: Learning Japanese: This is the ULTIMATE solution to your Japanese language problems! Learning the language once and for all in your local school board may solve your problems! If you can't find any in your school board, try looking online and pay money! Learning a language is good! Bugging people for translations or quickfix pills IS DEFINITELY NOT THE SOLUTION!

3: OS Problems: If DOS doesn't work, chances are you Windows stuff is too new. Try asking at any computer newsgroup and you'll know that Win2000kp and above (esp. XP) have abandoned (and shunned) DOS badly...

So, if you're lucky enough to read this, be quiet before I withdraw my sword and slice whatever I find...including you!!! (Roars)

P.S. I do not tolerate poor English form! Write your stuff in proper tense and grammar, esp. CAPITALIZATION whenever you need it!

This message is from the Bishoujo games board. Questions about these games should be POSTED HERE. NOT THERE.

‘å •¿ Žá Ý Žè , ´ •— ŸÞ “V ‰º .
å« ”ñ E ˜V ¹ , ’A ‹ •K —L œä !
- Yang Sei Fu (—k´•—)
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All hail the largest poster in the site whose post count exceeds even the webmaster himself... WHAHAHAHAHA....

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