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E D Enigma
2004-02-15 18:02:15
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Wanted! Talented CG Artists (
Hi, I'm looking for CG artists that can remove the censor on images. You will be helping me with my bishojo game translation project.

E D Yang Sei Fu
2004-02-17 22:11:24

Posts: 233
From: North America
Re: Wanted! Talented CG Artists (
Sw33t. A dictator wannabe, who does not even understand some of the most basic ENGLISH GRAMMAR and who is THE DICTATOR around here.

(That, is me.)

First, CG artists are people, hence the phrase "that can..."(implying "that" with an inanimate object) is an implied derogatory term saying that CG Artists are not human...

Second, the tone "You will be helping me..." implies a direct hierarchy meaning that you are an absolute boss. Sorry guy, but this is not Europe c.1700's or Asia c.1950~80's. Company task and hierarchy is decentralized now, and everyone work as one is really "someone else's man".

Third, the censoring is hard-wired. Meaning: They are fixed on the image that way, and cannot be recovered, only redrawn. If that is what you are intending on doing, I can tell you that it won't look original...definitely.

Please revise your English grammar and tone of speech, as well provide a specific agenda on your bishoujo translation project before further response on this forum. We do not tolerate anarchistic newbies. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

[ Edited by Yang Sei Fu on 2004-02-17 22:16:18 ]

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