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Name: Tsuiseki (94.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nikukyuu
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Staisen

This is a stalker game, much like Syuusaku. Your target is a high school girl, Megumi (and all other females around her). An interesting feature allows you to switch personalities within the game. There are three to choose from, all with their own abilities, and the final ending you get also depends on the personality which you use the most (there is a gauge to measure this). Shinya is the expert with the camera, and can take all sorts of pictures of the girls. Takuya is very aggressive, and often uses Shinya's pictures to blackmail the girls, while Touya is a twisted pervert. The theme music changes for each personality type as well, with each suiting their different characteristics quite well. The goal of the game is to increase Megumi's anxiety level until she becomes a nervous wreck by game end. Methods of accomplishing this include stealing her personal items, harassing her and assaulting her friends, though you will only raise the level high enough if you do all three. Endings ca n vary widely, from being arrested, Megumi moving away or cowing her into submission. There are H-pictures for all of the friends of Megumi, and there are different scenes for Takuya and Touya too (none for Shinya). Success in the game depends heavily on your use of the different personality types to further your goal. You can only enter certain locations after you obtain important items as well. At game start, you can only assault Megumi on the train to and from school, but eventually you can gain access to her school, clubhouse and even her home. This is probably a game that fans of Syuusaku would like, though others might find it a bit too disturbing, as the main method of increasing the anxiety level is to rape all the girls who know Megumi (including friends, seniors, juniors and even her mother).

The game has a number of features in gameplay, including an energy bar and a wait option. Your energy bar depletes as time passes, though it drops the most quickly while you are moving around. Energy is also depleted if you choose the wait option, and the level of consumption varies wildly with each personality type (Touya can wait for hours on end but Takuya expends energy very quickly). Once the bar is empty, you automatically return home and sleep for eight hours, meaning that you are likely to miss the event or chance you were waiting for. The wait option is useful to hide in one location in case an event occurs, and can greatly speed gameplay as well.


Storyline: 6.5/10 Nothing really original except for the personality switching and the different endings with each type.

Graphics: 7/10 The CGs are drawn quite well and there are a lot to find. (Especially for Megumi)

Music: 6.5/10 There are different music tracks for every girl and event, but the music isn't spectacular.
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