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Name: Triangle Heart (89.29% in 14 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Janis
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

At this time not much Japanese games are too appealing to me, and also I have 2 weeks of nothing to do until exam comes. So I might just revisit some non-recent games and play them.

A long time ago, Janis made a PC-9801 H-AVG called Sotsugyo Ryokou or "graduation trip." I personally liked that game pretty much coz that kind of game is suitable for lonely guys like me who never is always lonely on valentine's day. Triangle Heart follows a similar pattern also, but different storyline.

Sotsugyo Ryokou is about going to a graudation trip with your peers, but Triangle Heart (TH) is less special. It's really just a simple high school life. What's special is that you have 2 girl childhood friends going to the same school as yours. Now, you might say that implies a love triangle relationship based on the title "Triangle Heart," but this is not true. There is definitely no sign of a love triangle relationship, and in addition there are 4 or so more other girls to take care of. Anyways, the storyline takes place from december till graduation, and it's basically up to you to find the girl you love. That's it. Pretty plain isn't it?

You go to school everyday except sunday and during breaks you can loiter around school and talk to girls, have lunch with them, go home with them etc. There are lots of "traps" in this game that can lead you to the game over screen, so you will need to be careful of your actions and save often. Also, I find that there are some choices that do not affect anything at all. What's special about this game is that there are 2 types of happy endings for each girl. One is a short ending where the story ends during new year (and the ending is really plain), and the other is a full ending where the story lasts till graudation and provides a more complete ending (eg marriage etc). Usually the thing that triggers this split is a very minor but important thing so you will need to be careful. Another interesting thing about this game is when you have a full ending with one of the girls, the game then allows you to access to the abandoned areas of the school where you will meet a secret character. Otherwise, nothing special.

The graphics are not like insanely insane, but they are definitely above average. The girls are cute. There are voices in the game but it's not 100%, which is kind of disappointing. My fav is Kotori-chan...she is so cute, and her grown-up portrait is so cute and gorgeous that I want her to me my wife :P Not to mention the opening song is sung by Kotori-chan and the song is cute with her cute voice. MIDI is used as BGM in the game, which I am ok with. However, I find the game to be pretty buggy. The game seems to fail to replay/loop the music. What's worse is that sometimes the game does not load the opening and the ending at all (not crashing though). It *seems* that I do not get to see the opening unless I see the full ending first...This is what I dislike the most about the game. Even the bug fix doesn't seem to help a bit.

Overall, Triangle Heart is just an average H-AVG, nothing special about it. The game is alright except that it's systematically buggy. It's just a Sotsugyo Ryokou clone but takes place in a different setting and with better multimedia presentation. If you like Sotsugyo Ryokou, then you might want to try out Triangle Heart. If you are the type of person who never gets a girlfriend and/or spends valentine's day by yourself (like me), Triangle Heart might give you some "comfort."
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