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Name: Saint Sentai Lakers 2 (77.50% in 4 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: DOS
Company: Applepie
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: Tamahome

This is the second installment of the Saint Sentai Lakers series. A year has passed since the last batch of villians was disposed of by the five girls and Akira. Akira has been absent ever since the defeat of the last enemy. And the girls, especially Akria's girlfriend (Reiko) missed him a lot.

It is another peaceful day at school and suddenly the school grounds was once again attacked by an unknow group of ailens. The girls wanted to transform but found themselves unable to do so. They were in panic when the white knight who is now Akira showed up with his spaceship and killed all the enemy soliders. The five girls were united once again with Akira and they found out that there is another group of ailens who wanted to kill the girls and keep the crystal to themselves. The story begins here once again.

There are a lot of improvement made to this game from the last one. This time, the girls can choose what type of equipment they want on their body for different attacks and effects. Some armor provides a healing attack while others allow the characters to rejunvanate their hps and sps. They have also added a character profile menu when the game is completed which shows background info on the characters as well as the three sizes of the girls :)

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 8/10 Same rating as the first game, since they did not really improve any of the mechanics in the game and the AI is still as dumb as they were in the first game.

Story: 8/10 A rather big leap in the story aspect of the game. The story of this game is longer, so it allows more room for character developments. Akira will eventually find out more about his past and his relatives. He will also receive a new set of armor and weapon in this game. But the ending of this game looks very familiar, (looks like an ending in a sailor moon movie)

Music: 7/10 The music themes are the same as the first one, but now there are additional tracks and the original themes sounds better.

Graphics: 7/10 Improved graphics from the first game, but still it lacks the coloring and detail of games made today. But there is a big improvement in terms of graphics from the first game.

Overall: 7.5/10 This game was a definite improvement from the first game, and this time I would actually make a recommendations to people who like stragety game and would like a mix of hentai in the game.

The game Saint Sentai Lakers 2 was created by Applepie and translated into Chinese by HWAEI, and all rights are reserved to these companies.
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