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Name: Saint Sentai Lakers 3 (71.43% in 7 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: DOS
Company: Applepie
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

The Third installment, Saint Sentai Lakers 3 will probably be the last installment of this series. Another year has passed on Earth for the Saint Sentai Lakers team. The last villians has been destroyed and Earth was returned to normal once again. Then again, if there is no more invasions, we will not have a game here right?

This is the last year of high school for Akira and the 5 girls and they are all busy getting prepared for their graduations and exams. But another race of ailens decided to raid the Earth for the crystal again. It is actually quite unexpected, because the main enemy of game is Akira's brother, well more like his brother when he was still the prince. His brother took away all of Akira's power and he was left defenseless and the 5 girls have to defend him against the new enemy. Thus the final Chapter of the Saint Sentai Lakers story began.

I must say I am really amazed at the improvement they made to the graphics of this game as well as to the gameplay. Apart from the battle scenes, Akira now has to move around town, much like Doukyusei to find the 5 different girls and talk to them, while figuring out which of the 5 he really likes. He will meet these girls in different part of town, talk to them and eventually H them. And the ones that Akira H are they ones he can end up with in the ending of the game.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 8/10 Cool gameplay, the different eqiupment on the girls depend on the different moves they have and also the Doukyusei element of the game makes it really interesting, and adds a lot of depth to the game.

Graphics: 8/10 Wow, this is what I call a complete make over. The characters in this game looks so much more mature and sexy that I actually like them. The fighting maps were also improved quite a bit. It is more 3D and has multiple levels. But the AI of the enemy is still dumb. The coloring and detail of the characters are improved to a high standard.

Story: 8/10 The story is somewhat different from the other games, because it is linear in the battles, but there is a story for every girl that you meet up in special events and talk to. The walking around of Akira to meet other girls make this game more realistic and close to real life.

Music: 8/10 Some of the battle themes are still the same as the last two installments and the romantic themes that were added to this game also sounded smooth and relaxing.

Overall: 8/10 This is probably the best installment of the series, sadly the last installment. But hopefully Applepie will decide to make another sequel or actually a side story to this game with animation and vocal tracks. Cause I know I'll be the first one to buy it if it ever comes out. :) I would recommend this game for stragety fan, dating game fans and hentai fans.

The game Saint Sentai Lakers 3 was made by Applepie and translated into Chinese by HWAEI and all rights are reserved to these companies.
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