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Name: Akumu 95 (Nightmare 95) (49.83% in 59 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Mebius
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Helmut

The main figure of this game is a rich and sick pervert whose parent died when he was a child and handed down much heritage. He has been bored with playing with ordinary girls, so he determines to kidnap upper-class girls ( idols as singer, actress, model etc.) who attend a noted school St. Excellent and enjoys himself with them. He orders underlings and they attack the bus on the way, in which the girls ride for a travel. They kill the driver and the teacher and drag and put the girls into a near house.

From here the game starts and it is very simple. He has looked into profiles of the girls already and selected several favorites. He rapes each of them in his room at each time through many days and his underlings rape the other girls sometimes.

This game is very terrific and gives me long warning messages at opening each time I play it. I think nobody, who plays this game, will imitate the actions of it, but nevertheless this awful story may have harmful influence on players' mind to some extent.

Gameplay : It's too simple. In large room I choose a girl among favorites list, then at once play H with her in my room. She is thrown into basement and I sleep. At each day I can save a game and take one action. Dialogue and play pattern is too tediously repetitious to play game continuously. I've stopped playing it at tenth day in game. So I've not viewed endings yet. From time to time there are choices of measures (about food, air-condition, release etc.) for the girls in large room. Clicking mouse right button calls system menu.

Graphic : It uses 256 color mode. Unfortunately(?) the girls are pretty and some of them look like children. I've seen lots of tears of the girls!.!

Sound : At usual scenes there is a sound which has rhythm but it is not a usual music, rather like noise. (Please try to hear demo music #1 in this review.) Most musics are refined. Some are rather tender in spite of the cruelty of rape conducts. There're tensive, terrific music and horrified screams also. They are made in midi or wav files.

I'm not fluent in English and Japanese, so please excuse and correct me if there's any error in this review.
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