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Name: Divi Dead (91.02% in 59 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Elly

"Trust No-one... But Yourself?"

Divi Dead is the first horror hentai game made by Cware. The japanese version has release for around a year and the english version has just release a few month ago (around December). I didn't have a chance to check out the English. However, for me I would rather play the japanese version because the english translation is usually pretty bad.

You control a guy name Ranmaru Hibikiya. The game start off with a movie about the dream he has. You will also learn that he spend most of his childhood in the hospital. In his dream, he saw himself got killed by a man. The story take place in a private school, Asao which is owned by his uncle. The school itself is like a prison, which surround with woods. One month ago, his uncle offered him enrollment at his school. He has been out of school for such a long time, so he accept his offer. His uncle also wants him to keep an eye on the school and report to him about the students' behavior once a week.

Once Ranmaru Hibikiya arrived the school, he notice there was violence and misconduct in the school. He also notice his memory is very confusing and wired things happen to him so often.

As the story go deeper, all the strange things happen in the school will relate back to his dream and he will discover his horror fate.

Story: 8/10
Divi Dead has a very detail story line. It is very attractive and once you start the game, it's hard to stop it.

Graphics: 8/10
The game is using high 16-bit color and the use of color is more dark which make the graphic full with mystery. The only bad thing about the graphic is the character drawing style. I don't like it a bit, they look like ghost more than human.

Music: 7.5/10
The music is more sad and horror. It make the graphic more scarey and mystery. Call me a chicken but I really got scare on these music with the graphc. (well, just imagine the main character walk on a building alone with no light on and the building itself is look like the one on the seven guest in the house)

Gameplay: 5/10
The game is a advantage game, you just click the mouse and choose the place you want to go on a map. There are not many major options you can choose, however these choices will lead to a different ending or outcome.

Overall: 8/10
It is a great game and I think it worth the time to finish it.
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