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Name: Doukyusei (56.67% in 12 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: DOS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Doukyusei released by Elf in the early1990's is one of the games that started the trend of HDating games. Since Doukyusei, there were many other oneslike it, such as Doukyusei 2 (also an excellentanime), Dousokai (another good anime), Kakyusei(anime as well), and many many more. Doukyusei literallytranslates to classmates and therefore the games takeplace in a school. All of the Doukyusei series takes placeduring the last year of high school (By the way, Doukyusei3 is due to release soon :) yay). The basic concept behindthe game is simple but the game is hard. Go Thru theparticular period of thime the game sets in. In the caseof Doukyusei, it is the summer after graduation.

The main character (you) has justfinish his year of school and so you control him 24 hoursa day to go to different places and meet girls. There are14 girls to woo in total including the school nurse andladies working in a night club and even your best friend'sGirl Friend (cool eh). The map of the city is quite largewhich makes this game really hard. The main character canusually meet the girls at their summer job places but tosuccessfully be one with a girl, the main character mustmeet the girl at other places and eventually date her.

The way the game works is with lovepoints each girl has towards the main character. Doingdifferent things or responding in different answers canadd or subtract to these points. When a girl's point ishigh enough, the main character can choose to confess hislove to the girl and marry her. Sounds easy? Believe me,it is hard. It takes many tries to get together with agirl and frequently you find yourself ending up all alone.This game is one of the games which started the trend of HDating games. It is really worth getting. This review isfor the Dos/V version. I recommend the Saturn version overthe computer version. With the voices and a theme song, itis excellent. The anime is another item to look for aswell.

Story: 8/10
Excellent story. Everygirl that you pursuits has in some way her indiviualstory. 14 girls make 14 different deiviation to the story.

Graphics: 8/10
Although this is anold game, the graphics is still very good, especially theSaturn remake. The girls in there are very pretty anddefinitely worth pursuing.

Gameplay: 9/10
Being a big fan ofdating game, I give the gameplay a very high rating. It isa hard game and has a very high replay value. In thisgame, one can successfully woo 12 girls at one time. Ifone can do that, he has mastered the game. It takes a lotof planning to successfully woo 12 girls at one time.

Music: 7/10
Good music, but since thecomputer version is old, the quality of the midi is not asgood as the midis ma de today.

Overall: 8/10
This game is anexcellent game. Although they did not release an English version nor a Chinese version of this game, it is verymuch enjoyable. This game is the first in the series ofDoukyusei and should be looked at by Doukyusei 2 fans whohaven't seen the first one yet.
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