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Name: Dragon Knight 2 (67.65% in 34 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: DOS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Chaz

This game is the second in the amazing Dragon Knight H-RPG series by 'elf. The game continues where the first game left off and is quite long and difficult.

Story: The game starts off with the main character (Takeru) on his way to the town of Phoenix. On his way, he meets Baan (some of you may know him as Rolf if you have played Knights of Xentar), who tells him that he will also be going to Phoenix in a while. Anyway, Takeru gets to Phoenix, where he meets all the townspeople. Most of them are female. After talking to them all, he grows tired and rests at an inn. When he wakes up, all the girls have been captured. After talking to the remaining townspeople, he learns that the girls have been captured, and turned into monsters by the evil sorceress Mesaanya. Takeru must save the girls and change them back to normal, and defeat Mesaanya.

Gameplay: The game is all played in first person. In town, you choose where to go, and who to talk to. When you go into a dungeon, or anywhere where there are enemies, the game is basically a walk around. You use the arrow keys to move in the direction you want to move in. The screen shows a compass showing what direction you are going, and two sets of numbers that basically say how far you are from an exit. The levels are like mazes, and some take some wandering around to know where to go. Also, if you walk by a door or enter a room that has a special meaning (whether it be containing a treasure or anything else important) you will hear a little sound and see text. The fighting is normal RPG fighting. You see your enemy, and take turns attacking. Basically all the enemies are the transformed girls, who will keep on attacking you until you find a scroll to turn them back (when that happens they are very grateful and reward you if you know what I mean). If you don't, when you beat a girl, you will see her in ripped up clothes. Then they run off, only to attack you again soon until changed back. The gameplay overall was very fun and difficult. You have to find a certain scroll for each girl. I enjoyed it.

Sound: It would be real good if this were 1990 when the game came out. It's not irritating, but not that good either. But what can you expect from an almost 9 year old game?

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for a game this old. The H-Scenes appear when a girl is defeated, and when they are turned back to normal. There are also some other H scenes throughout the game.

Overall: I'd recommend this game to anyone who has ever played a game in the Dragon Knight series or is in the mood for a good H-Rpg. It may be old, but in my opinion, a game doesn't have to have good graphics to be a good game.
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