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Name: Dragon Knight 3 (84.17% in 24 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: DOS
Company: Megatech
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

If you've ever played an RPG game and a Hentai game before, and liked it this game will becertainly a gift to you. A hybrid of both genres, this game is obviously H RPG but still lacks strengths of both. Because of the spliced and mixing, I'm guessing the creators couldn't really concentrate on a single elementin the game. However, this is one of the games that actually made it to the US under the license of Megatech which also imported Cobra Mission.

The game is generally about a warrior who searches the lands to destroy evil and to search out sexy, scantily dressed women. As the regular RPG goes you browse around the world you're given in search of weapons, items, treasures, enemies to fight and so forth. You also gain party members to help you in your journey; you can have up to three. Throughout the chain of events, whenever you defeat a considerable threat or evil you end up savinga sexy girl. As a hentai game, you can probably guess what happens next. This game is substantially old and the artwork is a little out dated, but this game is hilarious if you understand the language it's in.

For the concept of RPG, one of the most important elements is battle. Lots and lots of battle. The one thing I found annoying was that battles seem to happen consecutively in one place too many. It's notexactly spread out as other RPG's are. However, battles ingeneral are pretty easy. You have a energy bar which I call the "ready" bar, and when it's full you automatically attack without executing any commands. The only thing you can control is the items you can use like healing herbs, stuff like that and magic. Magic is really unique here. You would expect your magic's power to increase as your experience level does. Well , it does somewhat but the power really comes in if you find magical orbs which are hidden through out the world. There are 4 types of magic in this game; water, wind, lightning andfire. If you get a particular orb for a certain type of magic, then you upgrade that magic to the next level. Interms of veteran RPGing... Dragon Knight 3 battles are extremely easy and don't get in the way of the hentai hunting.

I would have to say the entire game is pretty funny for an old game. The interface isn't too hot, and neither is the presentation. But it's the text content that really made me happy. Also, within the game there are two modes you can choose for viewing your "travelling" mode. There is 2D which is basically a bird's eye view of your character wandering in the DK3 world. But there's also a 3D version of thing. However, the 3D version just generally an really awkward view of the world. The plainis tilted at a 45 degree angle which is an attempt at giving you a 3D effect. But it's really slow, look dumb, and is difficult to manuever in. Anyways, I have to say this game is not that great of a looker but it certainly fills the spot of being fun.

Graphics (technical) - 2/5
Graphics (creative) - 3.5/5

Sound (technical) - 2.5/5
Sound (creative) - 2.5/5

Technical Gameplay - 2/5
Fun Factor - 4/5

Diversity of Features - 2.5/5
Story - 3/5

Overall Value - 3/5
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