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Name: Electric Device Marian (40.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Janis
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Helmut

It's a japanese game but the background of this game is London in the Great Britain in about 19th century. The main figure of the game, PSYLUTH DECKER, is a poor noble and comes from Wales. His grandfather, GEORGE DECKER, is a rich noble but PSYLUTH lives separetely and isn't interested in the property of GEORGE's. GEORGE lives in London and feels a great interest in Alchemy and eternal life.

One day PSYLUTH gets known by a newspaper that GEORGE's died suddenly, so he comes to London in order to attend to the funeral ceremony. He arrives at GEORGE's residence with difficulty, but there's no ceremony and AMBIK who takes care of assets dismisses him, for he can't prove himself to be a grandson of GEORGE. He shows AMBIK the certificate of relationship but AMBIK doubt and ignore it. AMBIK is a friend of GEORGE and a noble also.

Near the residence PSYLUTH meets up a maid MARIAN who's dismissed from GEORGE's residence by AMBIK also. She's a maid for black tea and an electric device made by GEORGE but perfectly manlike in appearance. She has no shelter after GEORGE's death so begins wandering about with PSYLUTH. she offers him a cup of black tea that's very nasty but as a gentleman he doesn't complain or blame her and porposes a tea time at shop in return.

On the way to a cafeteria they meets many girls. First, MARY is a nun of Britain church who shows them the way. Second, MILIAM is a reporter of a newspaper. She's full of curiosity and look into DECKER's family. Third, MAITUNA is a witch and manages a hotel. She's 700 years old but looks like a young girl. Fourth, a thief DORIS steals PSYLUTH' certificate and travel expenses. Finally there are two girls CHIRO and JINN in the cafeteria Kraken Baster. CHIRO is an alien waitress and JINN, pirate captain, is the owner of the shop. Because of DORIS' stealing PSYLUTH has no money so he gets to owe the tea cost to JINN.

And another group enters in the game. MARIA BARIANT, BASIVAR, and MICHAEL BARIANT are the members of 'Thunder of God' committee that investigates heresy. So is the nun MARY. They are sended by britain church with a view to punishing GEORGE for the heretic action in alchemy. And as they hear that PSYLUTH is a grandson of GEORGE, they gets hostile to him. PSYLUTH arrests the thief DORIS with MAITUNA's help and gets known that AMBIK made her steal his certificate. From then he figures out AMBIK's conspiracy and attacks into the residence with people above mentioned. And surprisingly GEROGE shows up alive. What aim does he has in pretending to die? You can look at it in the ending. There's cross relation between good and evil.

Speaking of H scenes, there are few mature love. Most H events happen by accident such as peeping, punishing and so on. Just one exception is MARIAN's tolerate love to PSYLUTH. Witch MAITUNA gets her magic energy from H action, so PSYLUTH must help her with that.

GAMEPLAY: In the game many magic, missiles, and combats take place but this is just a adventure game so you have only to click with mouse. It uses small font, so it has annoyed and tired my eyes. (I use 15" monitor.) Commands to choose are always displayed in the right corner of the game window. You can save, load, or quit a game by choosing 'system' command at any place. You had better refrain from using multitask.

GRAPHICS: CGs of this game are of 256 color and not refined at usual scenes, but at H scenes girls get more pretty. H scenes use full size of the game window. At gamestart you can choose 'graphic' menu to view H CGs again. This game uses *.tif format, so you can see them with a graphic program.

MUSIC: Most musics are of usual level but a few pretty good, specially one in suspensive scenes sounds exciting. They are *.wav format, so not small. By the way they sound remote as if they were recorded indirectly.
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