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Name: Sayonara no Mukougawa (65.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Foster
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

This is perhaps the worst game you would expect a reviewer could review on. Sayonara has absolutely nothing good to be mentioned. Although you would see a logo saying "SUPER EROTIC ADVENTURE GAME," I did not find anything "SUPER" about the game or an element that makes me feel Sayonara is a game. Hopefully, these kind of "game" would someday be extinct or improved, so we won't have to waste our valuable money or the valuable time playing it.

The story behind Sayonara is very simple. The game starts out as you married to your college classmate. However, she died from an accident one day when she tries to save a poor little child that was standing in the middle of the street. Since that day, you have lived with her three other sisters. If you have playing H-games for some time, you should be very clear on what will happen next. You will eventually have fun with your wife's sister while trying to search for a new life. The eldest sister is working in a group with you in a cooperation. The second sister is a college student who had some problem with her boyfriend. The youngest sister is a high school student who is very cute and helps you make your lunch sac.

Sayonara has absolutely no gameplay or great graphics at all. You should be able to finish the game in 20 minutes without reading or 40 minutes if you read. The game is basically a linear game. You will not need to play it over. All the CG in the game can be seen after you completed the game once. This is not a game I recommend people playing. Unless you are really bored and you have played all the good game available in the world, this should not be the game of anybody's choice.


Graphics - 4/10It seemed that this game only uses 16 colors (but it's actually 256). However, the graphics is definitely better than the old dos or windows games. Unfortunately, this game does not have too much H-scenes or any CG that you can enjoy.

Music - 5/10Same old synthesized midi music. The good thing about the game is that since you can beat it very fast, you won't get too annoyed by the music.

Gameplay - 1/10This worst gameplay I have ever experienced. There are almost no choices to choose from. The choice will not affect the ending too.

Story - 2/10This type of story is just too common. They should have created some other creative story.

*The rating of this story maybe vary among players. Therefore, the ratings do not reflected to everyone.
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