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Name: Season of Sakura (84.48% in 87 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jast/Tiara/Purple
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Season Of Sakura is a game translatedinto English by Jast USA. The setting of the game is in modern Japan. The story revolves around the main characterShuji Yamagami and his first year in Prep school beforeuniversity. The games starts with Shuji going to schooland crashing into Reiko around a corner. Basically, thegame is an adv game, or adventure game for long. It israther like an interactive story, you control the role ofShuji and you talk to different people either at school orat different places in the city. There are even sceneswhere the whole class goes on camping trips. There areeight main female character to pursuit and in the end, youget to have fun with one of them and eventually get anending with her. The most attractive part of this game isthat 6 of the main female character's in the gameresembles characters from different anime shows such asMagic Knight Rayearth and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The main female characters are ReikoSawamura a third year student who believes that themeeting with Shuji made her destined to be bonded withhim, she is in the swimming club. Kiyomi Shinfuji is aclassmate of Shuji, she is thankful for what he did forher although he does not remember what he did. She is inthe baseball club. Seia Yoshida is another classmate ofShuji, she once had a trip to England and met someonethere who inspired her to believe in God. Meimi Nakano isthe inseparable half of Seia, they are seen doingeverything together, she is easy to anger but she is thechair person of the class. Both Seia and Meimi belongs tothe Gymnastic club. Mio Suzuki is in the tennis club andever since she saw Shuji, she wanted him in the tennisclub. Shoko Nishino is from the soccer club, she is knownto appear out of nowhere, and she will do almost anythingto get Shuji to join the soccer team. Ruri Shiromizu is aquiet girl who transferred into the school. She is quietand does not open her heart to anybody, rumors had it thatit was because of her family that she was so quiet. Aki Hinakigu is an outspoken girl who is very proud ofherself.

The ratings I will give for the gamesare:

Story: 8.5/10 - Good Adv story which puts the player as the center of attention.

Graphics: 7/10 - Although it could've been better, but what more do you expect from a game thatis less than 10 megs. However, the imitations of the animecharacters were well done.

Music: 6/10 - The music is okay, the basic synthesis midi songs.

Gameplay: 6/10 - The game is not really challenging at all, all the player does is interact withthe people on the screen.

Overall: 6.875/10 - Not a bad adv game,The game has a good story and people who have crushes onEvangelion and Rayearth characters should try it out.(hint, hint).

Instead of hearing me say more aboutthe game, why don't you go buy the game, it is veryaffordable and you can order the game from JAST USA. Support Jast so that we could have new releases in English.

Please feel free to email me here formore information about this game.
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