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Name: Sentimental Graffiti (87.22% in 18 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nec InterChannel
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: PhoT3K

Most of you have already have heard of the game, Sentimental Graffiti was and probably still is one of the most popular dating simulation games in Japan/Asia. It's become so popular that is has sported various goods from the series, from resin kits, cards, tv show, music CD's, drama cd's, pencil boards...etc,etc,etc. Name an accessory, they got it.

Now for the story, it's really interesting because unlike most games, the girls are already in love with you, problem is that there are 12, that's right, TWELVE of them and you have to find out which one is the 'right' one for you.

The story goes back to when you were just a kid, because of your father, you moved around a lot in Japan and went in and out of many schools. During this time you met a single girl at each school (Grade 1 in Aomori, Aomori you met Taeko, then you moved and in Grade 4 in Sendai, Miyagi you met Emiru). Since your such a great guy you somehow have made an impact on each of the girls lives (heh ^_^).

Eventually, one day you recieve a letter saying "Do you remember me?". You start thinking back to when you were just a child and you remember all 12 of the girls, this is where the game begins. You start out, going to each and everyone of the locations in Japan hoping to ultimately find out who wrote that letter. Now don't get me wrong, there isn't a fixed ending and depending on your actions, anyone of them COULD HAVE sent the letter.

This game is really interesting in the fact that each and everyone of the girls have a unique personality, no, I don't mean 'there's that tough girl, and then that rich girl'. I mean all of them have their own attitude towards you. For instance, Chie doesn't like any form of pop music and instead likes listening to British Rock music. She's never been able to sing a love song for some reason but she's always wanted to. This is where you step in *hint* *hint*.

This game is REALLY hard, for those of you that can think they can get all 12 girls endings in one try think again, your lucky to get 2 and mathematically I think it's impossible getting 4. You have to work during the week and on the weekend if a girl misses you she leaves a message on your answering machine. You can call her up to setup a date or just 'drop by' her city and meet her. If you fail to meet a girl when she misses you her 'Setsunasa heart' will break and thus lowering your intamacy score making it hard to 'charm' other girls. Think your good at organizing time? Think again, sometimes if a girl misses you enough she'll come to YOUR city (Tokyo) and sometimes when you take the train/plane/bus to another city, you might meet someone you don't expect to see. Multiply this by twelve and you've got a big problem at times.

Word of warning though, there are NO H-SCENES WHATSOEVER, this may be a big disappointment to a lot of people looking for a game like Dangerous Toys where it's just 'click and look at pictures' game. But for everyone else, this is a great, great game.


Storyline: 9/10 ==> The story is interesting and the dialogue and great voice acting keep up with it too. Each girl has a mini stories and even flashbacks to make it even more interesting story (for those of you that are curious this isn't your average 20 megebyte download game, it's 300 megebyte install WITHOUT voices).

Graphics: 10/10 ==> the famous guy himself, Kai Tomohisa designed all the characters. All the backdrops are actual photographs of all the locations in Japan (check the screenshots). Crazy stuff here.

Gameplay: 10/10 ==> Takes a lot of planning, strategic decisions (should you take the night train, hitch-hike or bus it?), and a little bit of luck that makes this game both difficult and fun. Everytime you play theres a bit of randomness in it.

Music: 8/10 ==> Music is great, (hey, they didn't release all those SG music CD's for nothing) and each of the characters have their own theme. It really sets the mood of the situation.

Overall: 9/10 ==> This is one of those must have games, everything about it is great and getting the ending (there's a good and a best ending) for each of the girls (12) makes the replay value very high. However, it gets to be too difficult at times and you just want to give up.
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