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Name: Shaburi Hime (15.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Mink
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

From the maker of Pero Pero Candy, Mink has brought you a sister game of Pero Candy, Shaburi Hime or Shaburi Princess. If you have played Pero Pero Candy before, you can already picture what it will be in Shaburi Hime. And if you enjoy Pero Pero Candy, you will definitely enjoy this one too. Shaburi has a gameplay identical to Pero. This is why Pero is called the positive or light episode and Shaburi is called the negative or the dark episode. Another reason that contribute to the naming of these two games is that the theme and use of color in Pero is displayed in a more brightly fashion where as in Shaburi, the theme and use of color is dark and mysterious.

The story behind Shaburi is that you are a third class (the stinky one) magazine or news editor. You have been ordered by your boss to collect some news in some mountain. While at there, you got lost in the woods. By some luck, you are rescued and carefully nurtured by an owner of a big mansion in the mountain. After you gain your virility, the old man (who's the owner of the mansion) asked you to be his granddaughter's master and teach her. Since then, you will teach the owner's granddaughter everything about man.

Unlike other games, you will be able to customize the setting of how to have fun with the girl. You will be able to do all different kind of stuff to her. From telling her to dress in sailor suit to blowjobs, you can do all kinds of stuff to her. By choosing how you will treat her, the percentage of obedience will either increase or decrease. Your goal to exceed over 90 percent to see the ending. Otherwise, you will keep teaching her until you reach the goal.

Overall, Shaburi is a fine game to play with. The game has some nice graphics. However, I can't say that everyone with like the style of the drawings. If you liked Dokyusei's drawing style, you will probably like the graphic in this game.

Also, note that this game will only worked the best in Jwin95. I'm not sure you can work around with the game to make it run under Ewin. For some reason, I cannot capture image in this game.


Graphics - 6.5/10 The H-scenes are not mosaic; instead they just make it skin color just like Dokyusei did. The game does not use too much color. As a result, it lowers the quality of the graphic in the game.

Story - 4/10 The story is kind of foolish and unreasonable. Why would someone let his granddaughter be someone's slave? Why would the girl listen to your command? The game is way too unrealistic and they never explain it such strange occurrence.

Gameplay - 5/10 The objective in the game is simple: find all the CG and get the percentage bar over 90 percent. One unique element in the game worth mentioning is that you can choose what you what her to do. This is unlike many other H-games where the H-scenes are pre-set.

Music - 4/10 The music is somewhat set in a more mysterious and dark theme which resonates with the game's graphics. Once again, I feel the BGM really does enhance the mood to play the game, but opinions vary from person to person. I will leave you to judge on the quality of the sound. Just check out the sample music on the left menu.
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