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Name: Sizuku (Drop) (67.50% in 4 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Helmut

It's vol.1 of visual novel series released by Leaf.

In the game you're a usual boy bored with everyday school life. You think you may soon become crazed. One day a surprising incident takes place in your classroom. KANAKO, sub-president girl, blurts sudden laugh and repeated H words in a lesson hour. She's mad! She hurts herself bleeding drops before classmates and is brought into psycho hospital. It's rumored that she's been involved with drug, alcohol, overstudy or rape.

The teachers find out a clue from her diary which's been submitted by her parent. That says about secret meeting of some students at nights in the school. That also says that those students watch teachers. Therefore teachers can't find and stop the meeting. So they want a student to take over the investigation and a teacher (your uncle) calls on you.

You are helped by girls, MIZUHO who's a intimate and childhood friend of KANAKO, and SAORI who's a member of volleyball club. SAORI is very cheerful and drives game mood mystic.

Gameplay : You can read long and detailed text in the game. Sometimes you must make decisions about your action, which affect endings. But there're no repeated command such as move or look into. The save system is in 'siori (bookmark)'. There is only one save slot in a siori. In a siori you can read previous texts or return to previous choice. There're three sioris in total.

Graphic : It uses 256 color. Girls have been well painted but are not 'very' beautiful. Maybe you must endure long to see H scenes.

Sound : BGM is in CD. There're vivid sound effects such as scream, wind, pulse.

I'm not fluent in English and Japanese, so please forgive and correct me if there's any error in this review. (February 9. 1999)
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