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Name: Angelique Special (91.11% in 9 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Koei Japan
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Mimi

Koei is one of the well-known company in Asian. Most of the games they make are base on history. Like Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI. However, Anglique is a game about love, it is a love simulation game.

Storyline: The story start off with 12 gods (all males) having a meeting with the queen. The queen has choose two girls, Angle and Rosenna to do a test. Whoever win the test, she will become the next queen. The test is about building a country by using the god special powers. Everyone of them has a different power, their power will help you to grow your country. When your country is rich and happy , the citizens will build a temple to honor a god. The character you controll is Angle, and there are multiple ending in the game. You can work hard to become the next queen or fell in love with the god and quit the tests. It's all up to you...

Graphics: Very good graphics, and I love the movie introduction. They use high bit 16 colours and the gods are so good looking ^.^

Gameplay: This is a very interesting game to play, and I just love it. It is very hard to date with the gods, because if you make him angry, you are in trouble.

Music: I really like the music. The music for each god really highlight their personality.

Overall I really like this game (may be because I am a girl...). It's quite easy to become the queen but very hard to have a ending with one of the god. Every gods have a personality, and I often piss them off by saying the wrong things. Once you become friend with the gods, they always help your country without asking me, which force my Angle become the queen (and at that time I was trying to get the ending with one of the gods!).
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