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Name: Zest to Fantasy (69.38% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Aaru
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Zest to fantasy is another great H-game made by Aaru Co. Ltd. By using 65 thousand colors, Aaru has really demonstrated the superior graphic power that Windows 95 can perform that other older version of OS cannot. Aaru has released several H-games in Japan with a unique style of their own. If you have been playing Aaru's games such as Rose, you should know that their styles are unique. The use of the colors in most of their games is usually more toward reddish hue and thus adds a unique atmosphere to the game itself.

The story behind Zest is that you, Zefaa (correct me if I'm mistranslating it), woke up at a desert after you have been knocked unconscious. You realized that you have lost all of your memory except you first name. Since there are no one around the desert, you decide to find a place to rest and begin the search of your own identity. From here on, you will choose one of the four paths and begin your quest for your past.

In Zest to fantasy, your ending and H-scenes will be different depending on which path you choose and what decision you have made. There are many choices that you have to make and many of them leads to "Game Over" scene. To me, Zest is a difficult game to play since I don't have a lot of patience to figure out the correct path by trial and error. If you choose to stay in the hotel instead of going out, your whole game just might be over. In my advocacy, try to make a careful decision or you just have to save constantly.

Aside from my impatience, the attractive graphic will draw you into the game for hours. The H-scenes are very nice to enjoy. The story is very interesting. While your trying to find back your memory, your later occupation will be different depending on which girl you met. If you meet girl in a restaurant, your future occupation will be a cook. If you meet a princess, you will become a king. If you meet a treasure hunter, you will become treasure hunter. Throughout the game, I have not yet found a way to restore your memory, but hopefully there will be one.

Overall, Zest to fantasy is a game that you should not miss. It is one of few games that I would actually replay it several times. The beautiful graphics and fun story make this game a valuable treasure to keep.


Graphics - 9/10 Very, very nice graphics. I really liked the unique style of Aaru. The graphics is really beautiful. The girls are especially attractive.

Story - 8/10 Very interesting story. It's fun to experience what it was like when you lose your memory and tries to get it back.

Music - 7/10 Nice music to hear but lack the dramatic feeling created by BGM that many 32-bit console games have. However, if you like music in 16-bit consoles, perhaps you will enjoy the music more than I did.

Gameplay - 7/10There are many choices to choose from, far too many of them. Not only will the game be difficult with many multi-text choices, there one part of the game that you are in a maze and tries to escape from a monster. In that part, I have tried over 10 times before I find the correct path to get out. I think Aaru has done a decent job in the gameplay. It won't be too bored like much multi-text choice game.
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