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Name: Syuusaku (67.89% in 38 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Bugman

Syuusaku is another release from ELF along the line with Isaku. ELF has improved on many things on this game since the last release. graphics, music and gameplay has improved alot since the last release of ISAKU95.
Story 5/10: The story behind this game is. Syuusaku who is Isaku's brothers runs into a retired man and finds out the man is going to be a Janitor of a Girls dorm. Then Syuusaku impersonates the man "Kato" and becomes the Janitor to get close to the Girls who live there. Syuusaku has 3days to finish his plan, which is scoring with many girls as possible(with his own way) Overall, same with the previous release, it somewhat lacks Originality in Story

Graphics 7/10: The graphics has improved alot since the other releases of SAKU series. it has more action and more flowing movements. Although the H-scenes are rather hard to get because the game is made so enjoyable due to the gameplay. You might spend hours before you see a H-scene. but the overall graphic is not as dark as the previous Isaku, there is more light to the graphics, background for the expection of Syuusaku himself

Gameplay 6/10: This game was pretty enjoyable in some ways. Even though I do not like these Horror style games, the game makes you think alot about how to stalk the girls and the many paterns you can find their weak points. The game requires brain and time to play which i like because it is not one of those super highway 30minute games.

Overall 6/10: This game is pretty much fun to play if you have the time. It is sure a brain trainer for people who doesnt know how to stalk.
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