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Name: Re-leaf (87.00% in 10 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

"Re-leaf," a word closely resembles the word, Leaf, may falsely guides you to think that "Re-leaf" is the product of one of the famous H-game makers, Leaf. Yet, this game was actually produced by one of Leaf's competitor, C'sware. As the word, "Re-leaf," can have a synonymous meaning with rebirth or reincarnation, the relation of the title and its story remains absurd to me, in which title usually briefly describes the theme of its story.

In this game, the story begins as you, a infamous "ghost buster" from the fiendish world, was transferred to the human world while you are trying to capture an outcast ghost that stole one of the three dragon accessories. During this transfer, only your soul but not your body was transported to a girl, named Ikumi, in human world. To make things worse, you lost your memory of the transport (so you don't know why you got into this girl's body) and you do not have a full control of the body all the time. With these conditions set, you begin your journey searching for the culprit that stole the dragon accessory with only partial of the time your conscious and in control of the body and other time in Ikumi's control (However, pretty soon you will be able to choose you or Ikumi to be in control of the body [Hint: a factor that will leads you to different scenes and perhaps endings] ).
- Story - 5/10

The music in the game, I have to admit, is outstanding. As far as I know, very few PC games, especially H-games, has music that are ear pleasurable, feet tapping, and head shaking and Re-leaf contains some of these elements. The game starts with a BGM in a mysterious theme that will draws you into the game followed by a series of pleasurable music. Although the format and quality of the sound is unknown, the music flows smoothly without the nasty synthesized midi sound. The only element missing in the game, however, is voice. After hearing the nicely made BGM and graphics, it was somewhat disappointing not see some voice from the characters. However, the sound of the game remains overall well made.
- Sound/Music - 8/10

As you might already know from buying games from C'sware or Himeya store or just visiting their web sites, games from C'sware are well reputed for their excellent computer graphics. Re-leaf is not an exception as well. The characters, females and males, are amazingly done with vivid colors and different expression. One may finds that Re-leaf has at least ten facial expressions and two different outfits in the games in which such variety greatly enhances the liveliness of the game. Although there might not be as many H-CG as other extreme H games, its outstanding CG will have enough reason to get the game and have it as a collection.
- Graphics - 9/10

Like many other C'sware game, this is a text AVG where you just simply read the story, click on few choices and select few items, and you get a ending. Although there are several choices that affects the process of the game (i.e. seeing different scenes), it is very hard to know which one will leads you to which scenes. As a result, it creates more boredom for some players.
- Gameplay - 3.5/10

In conclusion, Re-leaf is a mediocre game with great graphics and sound but poor in game play and attractive story line. Although it's kind of fun watching some cute little fairy making some cute dialogue and jokes, the lack of interesting story and gameplay puts this game into a lower rank.
- Buy Value - 5/10

- GTO - 2.3.99
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