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Name: Return (53.33% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: R.A.N. Software
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

When companies create a title for their games, the title is usually related to something in the game. However, when I first played this game, I could not connect the title with the content of the game. In the beginning, I thought Return was a game about cop versus drug dealer, which obviously has no relation with the title. Yet, as the story gets deeper, I realized it is not just simply a cop game. Instead, this game is more like a time-traveling game.

The story behind Return is that the main character, Tetsuya, received an order from his boss to nail down a drug dealer. Tetsuya and his girlfriend have oncetried to catch the dealer in Los Angeles, but unfortunately failed the mission. This time they received information that the dealer has appeared in Hong Kong. With the companion of Tetsuya's old pal and ex-girlfriend, the four police took off from Japan and head toward Hong Kong for the dealer. During the flight, they encountered a strange occurrence. All of their watches displayed different time. Although they soon ignore the strange phenomenon, they will soon be drawn into the inescapable time traveling that is caused by such phenomenon. When the foursome arrived to Hong Kong and found the dealer's hideout, a gunfight between them has caused the strange phenomenon to occur. Soon after they were drawn into the black hole, they realized they are no long in 1995. Instead, they are back in 1941 where Japan controlled most countries in Asia. From here on, the foursome is on the journey to "return" to 1995.

The best part about this game is its beautiful graphic. The graphic is one of the best qualities I have seemed so far. Like many other H-adventure games, Return is a multi-ending game. Depending on which choice you have chosen, the ending will be different. The H-scenes will also varies depending on your decisions. One good thing that is worth mentioning is that you can start in the middle of the game after you beat it once. In this way, you can find all the H-scenes in the game without playing it over and over again. Overall, Return is a pretty good to play around for some time. The H-scenes are attractive and the story is refreshing (I think I played too much games that about high school).


Graphic 8.5/10 Return has a very nice graphic. Although this certainly cannot be the best, the H-scenes are certainly something that many should enjoy. The resolution seemed to set in high-res., so you should have a slight idea the quality what it would be like.

Story - 8.5/10 This is a refreshing story. There are simply too many game set in Japanese high school themes. This is a great story for those of you who are tired of high school type of game.

Gameplay - 6/10 This is the same old multi-choice text command. If you have played some games by now, you definitely know that these types of games are focused in story instead of gameplay. Besides, if game focused more on gameplay, it will be harder for gamers to get involved into the story. Although Return has the same old choice system, trying to see all the H-scenes is a hard task. You should be proud of yourself if you ever find all the pictures.

Music - 6/10 The music is not too bad to hear. But if you're like me, you should not be too pleasured by the nasty, synthesized sound.
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