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Name: Seishinteki Gaisyou (70.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alpha Co, Ltd.
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

You are Sakuba Kenich. In this game, you play as a private tutor that prepare ahigh school student, Souki [not sure that's how you say her name], for college admissiontest (something like SAT in the United States, but test in all categories). The gamestarts as you wake up from a tipsy drunk, you find out you are almost late for your work.Fortunately, you made to the student's house on time. At the arrival of her house, youwill first meet Souki's mother, Noriko, who hired you to be Souki's private tutor. After abrief introduction between you two, you will meet Yuki (Souki's sister) then Souki. Youwill realize that she was very quiet and impolite. Through Noriko's explanation, you willlearn that her behavior is resulted from an accident that occurred three years ago. WhileSouki and her father were on the way back home, a dangerous criminal attacked them. Theattack has killed Souki's father and Souki was wounded on her back as a result (See thepicture sample on the left). Since the accide nt, Souki began to lock her feelings up.Because of the autism, her grade in school has been dropping tremendously. Now, in orderto help her to go to college, Noriko hired you as her private teacher to prepare her forthe examination. And hopefully, she will brake up her ice and heal her wound at the end.

At my first glance of this game, I thought it was just another ordinaryH-game again. You will teach a high school student at her house, and while that time, youwill have fun with the girls in the house. This is as far as I thought this game would goat first. No gameplay and simply watch H-scenes. Then, as I got deeper into the game, Irealized this is not just simply an H-adventure game that talks to girls and "H"girls. Instead, there are some elements from Dokyusei-liked games as well as some elementfrom Tokimeki Memorial-liked games in Trauma. In Trauma, you will be able to walk aroundthe house and talk to Noriko (mother), Yuki (younger sister), Souki (your student), andKumi. If you find those girls at the right time, you will have fun with the girl. Thedifference is that you can have fun with one of the girls almost everyday (but most of theH-scenes are the same things repeating over and over). Also, you will have three optionsto choose during your teaching time. You can ei ther choose to study, chat, or rest.Depends on Souki's mood, she sometimes will absorb all or ignore you. If you want her topass the college examination, you should constantly aware of her feelings and don't dosomething bad to her (i.e. there is an option that you can force her to have fun with you,but her mood will change negatively after).

Overall this is a fun game to play. Although the H-scenes are not toodesire fulfilling, this game has a fun story and fairly good gameplay. When I see herslowly opened her heart, I could feel an excitement and happiness coming from my heart. Ifyou don't believe it, try it and you will see for yourself.

Graphic: 8.5/10
This should be the quality what we should be seeingtoday. This game utilizes the availability of today's Windows 95's graphic power. Thedrawings are high-resolution, but if you're looking for some awesome Hentai scenes, thisshould not be your top choice. There weren't too many H-scenes in the game, so look forsome other games if you're a Hentai addict.

Gameplay: 8/10
The ideas of walking around the house and teaching thestudent with three options are good, but most of them are just repeated. If you choose tochat with her today, you usually will get the same dialogue the next day. If you go to aparticular room at the same time everyday, you will usually see the same H-scene over (butsometimes it will change). The good thing in this game is that it's multi ending. Therewill be a test every month to see what her level is at. If her scores are high, you willget the good ending. If her scores are low, you will get bad endings.

Story: 9/10
Although this game is similar to many games I have played,the idea of trying to help the student to open her heart is refreshing. I liked thedramatic story line as Souki slowly accept you and eventually talk to you. It's prettyneat.

Music: 8/10
Great music and voices. I liked many of their BGM music.Just click on some music sample on the left to check it out yourself.
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