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Name: X-Change (84.12% in 85 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Crowd
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

You, Takuya, are an ordinary high school second year student in the game. You attend the school everyday, participated in club activity, and secretly liked the girl that grow up with you, Asuka, just like any ordinary high school students. This day, you once again attend your science club activity after school. You and the president of the science club (female) conduct an experiment during the time being. In the midst of the experiment, an explosion occurred causing the chemicals splashing all over you. You went home after cleaning up the mess. However, you soon realized some weird changes in your voice. When you got into your room and started changing your clothes, you found something wrong with your body. Your noticed chest has become enormously large and you are no longer a male!! Since that day, you have become a female. And thus, your fun adventure begins.

The gameplay of X-Change is simple. Like many H-Games out there, X-Change uses multi-text choice system. Depending on what you have chosen, you will see different H-scenes and different ending. Your main goal in this game is trying to change back to your male form and propose your feeling to the girls you liked. Throughout the game, you will encounter several twisted H-scenes of you in female form and other male or female students. Until the president of the science club discovered the chemical that will help you turn back to your original gender, you will continue with your life in the female form.

The graphic in X-Change is superb. If you have played the game Hukushyuu (Revenge) by Crowd [you can find Hukushyuu at Sakura Domain], you should not be unfamiliar with Crowd's superior graphics. X-Change is a game that utilizes 16-bit colors instead of the 256 colors that most game uses. It is a game that will not work under 256 colors mode or below. From this point, you should be able to predict how good the graphics of this game would be.

Overall, X-Change is an excellent game that you definitely need to have. The graphics in the game is exquisite. Few anime games can actually top X-Change's graphics. Unfortunately, the game may be too easy for any gamers to complete it 100%. However, aside from its gameplay, X-Change is still a game any H-game players must have.


Graphics - 10/10This game deserves to have a 10 on graphics. The pictures are beautiful and exciting to watch. Crowd really done an outstanding job with the use of 16-bit colors. You got to try it to see it for yourself.

Story - 8/10X-Change has a very interesting story. It will take you into an imagination world where you will become a female and H with other people. Most H-games are played in a male perspective. However, X-Change is played mostly in a female perspective since Takuya has changed into a female. Very interesting.

Gameplay - 5/10This might not be too bad for some of you. The game is very easy to complete. You should be able to complete the game in 4 hours or less. There is an option that you can skip text, so anyone who can't read Japanese can handle it with ease and speed.

Music - 6/10Great music. However, you can rarely find any excellent music in any peaceful adventure games. Statistically, a great music can only be find in games with myth or mystery (at least, I don't hear any great music yet from H-games yet).
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