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Name: Harenochi TokiDoki Munasawagi (93.33% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Cocktail Soft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Lamuness

IMHO, this game has the longest name I have ever seen. What does it mean, anyways? If anyone knows, please email me.

Harenochi TokiDoki Munasawagi (Hare) is another one of Cocktail Soft's infamous series. This game is the second in the Harenochi series (the first in PC-9801 format), and also the first one in the series to appear in Windows version.

The characters in this game are the ones who appear in the previous Hare games, plus some new characters. The main plot in the Hare games focuses on the love triangle between the player (the ultimate pervert), a "violent" girl, and a witch girl, both being classmates of the player (I know. The descriptions of the girls are vague. Sorry. Dunno how to type their names :P). In this particular game, the whole gang goes out for a vacation, and many strange things happen around them. The player, due to his "perverted" nature, is the biggest suspect among the gang. To regain his dignity, the player has to find out the mastermind behind these events.

Hare is a split-plot H-AVG game. One good thing about this game is that whenever there is a chance of choosing different paths, thus leading to a different ending, the computer will "warn" you about it. The commands will be Green when this happens, and blue otherwise. Personally, I think this is a very good design because it saves us a lot of time fiddling with different responses.

The most famous aspect of the Hare is probably the comedy behind it. Whenever the player harasses someone, he will very likely be beaten up by other female characters. This particular game has added a special feature to the so-called "violent" scenes: a counter that records how many times throughout the game the player has been beaten up by girls. The counter is cumulative, and when you hit the "2500 HIT mark", the computer will "congratulate" you. Also, these "harassment" and "violent" scenes/animation are drawn in very cute SD character style. Just the prologue alone the player was beat up more than 150 times (or at least that's what the counter reads)!! At the beginning of the game, the game will configure your computer speed so that these special animations can run more smoothly on your computer. Overall, they are pretty damn funny with nifty sound effects accompanying them, and this comedic feature is pretty successful in making Hare stand out from other games.

In terms of "multimedia", this game has impressive and nice graphics, with a cute 3D-SD opening sequence. You can also choose to play the background music via MIDI or from a CD-track. Combining the "beat-up" events, Hare is a very nice game in the audio-visual sense. It would be nice to see some voice tracks though. Overall, Hare is great (as all Cocktail Soft games are :P), and you will enjoy this fun and comedic game.
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