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Name: High School Jam (67.14% in 7 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jam
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Staisen

This is a relatively simple game set in a Japanese high school. The only thing special about this high school is that is was once single-sex (girls only) until your year. Thus your batch are the first intake of male students into the school. You start off as a second year student of the school and you are on the student's council as well. Your goal is to be elected as the next student council's president at game end when the seniors graduate. (You need an approval rating of about 75% and above.) All of the other student council members are female (except for one junior) and you can choose to chase whichever you like. However, you will only see that person's ending if you are succesfully elected president at the end of the year.

The tactics needed to chase each girl often differs, slightly in some instances and widely in others. Persistence if often the key to success though there are some exceptions. You can chase year 1s, 2s or 3s with no restrictions (you can chase multiple targets as well), but you will only see the ending for one person at game end. This, in addition to the different tactics required adds somewhat to the replay value of the game. There is an omake function which allows you to view all of the pictures you've earned (all H). You can choose a particular speciality for your alter-ego at game start, such as intelligence or charm. Intelligence will help you pass the school's tests without much problem while charm will aid you in speeches (important to raise public support). An interesting feature allows you to raise suggestions from the student body during council meetings (The suggestions range from widening the canteen menu to allowing students to carry handphones). You can choose to speak on the matter to sway opinions in the council, but the reaction to your speeches may vary wildly! You are allowed to decide on the general manner to conduct the speech before the final votes are cast. If you succesfully sway enough votes to win the motion (whether for or against) your popularity will increase. There is a risk, however, of your speech turning off councillors who would agree if you didn't offend them!
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