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Name: Hizumi (60.00% in 10 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: May-Be Soft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

As many of you heard the H-game company, May-Be Soft (MBS), Hizumi is an H-Adv game made by May-Be Soft. May-Be Soft has created many quality H-Games, in terms of H scenes, like Nouryokusha, Kiri, Musabori, etc. If you have been playing games MBS, you probably know how Hizumi's game play goes. Basically, the whole game relies on heavy reading of story lines, continuous clicking, and choice selecting. Depends on what choices you have chosen, you will have different endings.

Hizumi is Japanese word that literary means "warp" in English. Like the word "warp" implies, the whole game is so twisted that it is [almost] impossible to happen. Basically, the game is about you, the main character, doing the same twisted thing everyday. You're constantly having sex with the girls in your class, teachers, mother, and friends. Having sex with girl is just like a normal exercise in game. Hizumi first starts with the main character [I don't know how to translate his name] having "fun" with his stepmother and ended next day still having fun with his stepmother. After the special "treatment" from your stepmother, who is no longer lving with her husband or your father, you went to school and have more fun with your classmates and teacher. During the break of each class, you will walk around the campus and talk to many people (mainly girls). If you went to the correct place at the right time, H-scene will follow afterward. After you got home from school, you will find yourself reading adult novel and all the sudden your stepmother came in and night excercising with you.

Hizumi is a game filled with twisted fantasy. Every event happened in the game is twisted. You would have fun with an OL (Office Lady) while taking the subway to school. You would get special couching from your teacher in her office. You would be invited to a "special group basketball training" from your friend. You would play a doctor-patient game with a girl you grow up with. And, the most twisted part of game is that you would have fun with your stepmother every day and night.

Hizumi is a game with intense story line that will fulfill your fantasy. With great graphics and easy game play, even a person who can't read Japanese can enjoy this game. If you're the person who's looking for games that has great H-scene, Hizumi is a must.

Gameplay: 6.5/10
You don't really have much game play. All you do is just click on the choices provided, but you will have different ending depends on what you click.

Graphics: 9.5/10
Great H-scene that will fulfill your fantasy. There's total of 100 H-scene picture in there.

Not a too exciting music.

Story: 9/10
Very insteresting story with all these twisted idea presented in the game. One of the best story I have seem so far.
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