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Name: Innai Kansen 1 (63.33% in 21 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ZYX
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Innaikansen is another decent H-game that contains several animated H-scenes. The game is indeed filled with stirring H-scenes. However, the gameplay is considerable poor. If you are familiar with the production possibilities model in economic, you should know that you cannot get both things at the same time. Similarly, you cannot have awesome gameplay and excellent H-scenes in one game (at least I don't see one yet).

The game can barely considered to be a multi ending game since the game has only two endings to it. However, in Innaikansen, you will need to play several times before you can see all the H-scenes. Unlike most H-games, the twisted story will drive you to play it again and again until you see all the H-scenes in there (well, at least it is for me).

The story behind Innaikansen is that you become a doctor in a hospital. At the beginning, you are just a normal, self-controlled doctor. However, one day, you saw a surgeon (female) in the hospital doing some immoral action alone in the operation room. This event eventually triggers your dark desire in your body. As you progress through the game, the dark desire will slowly destroy your reason. You will begin to control the females in the hospital by have "fun" with them (??) or holds some secretes of the girls that will ruin their life. Eventually, you will control a total of six nurses and doctors. At the end, you will setup a trap for the daughter of the hospital's dean to fall into. Depending on your selection of choices, your ending will be varying.

Overall, this is a fun game to fulfill your fantasy. The H-scenarios are really exciting to watch. However, you must be mature enough to take this kind of stuff. The game is not intended for minors or people who are not mature enough to handle H-scenes.


Graphics - 9/10 The women in the games are beautiful to watch. The animated H-scenes in the game are a boost. Although the game graphic does not have to vivid colors that To Heart features, the animated scenes plus the beautiful women makes this game a very solid piece to have.

Music - 7/10 For those of you who cannot stand the repeated midi-synthesized sound, you should not pick this game for your auditory pleasure. I found two BGM that are pretty good to hear. However, I usually just turn off the BGM during the game because it's just too annoying to hear the music over and over of the nasty synthesized midi.

Story - 8/10 This is a story that would be impossible to happen anywhere in the world. However, that's what makes this game exciting and fun to play. Unlike the traditional H-games Dokyusei or Nonomuta Byoin no Hitobito, you are threatening the girls to have fun with you.

Gameplay - 3.5/10 This game only allows you to choose some choices. Although you can walk to several places in the hospital, the place you went will usually not affect your endings (there are only two endings after all). The only place it will affect your ending or the chance of seeing the H-scenes are the place you threatened the woman and there are two choices for you to choose from.
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