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Name: Innai Kansen 2 - Nurse Call (66.53% in 49 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ZYX
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

If you hear about ZYX, probably 2 games will come into mind: Crazy Knuckle and Innai Kansen. If you have played Crazy Knuckle 1 and 2 I am sure you will agree that the 2 games are very different in that the second of the series is far more advanced in gameplay. Innai Kansen is no exception. The first Innai Kansen is just a simple AVG game. However, the gameplay Innai Kansen is so different that I just opened my mouth in amazement when I first play it.

Innai Kansen 2 is a puzzle game, not AVG anymore. The story is a continuation from the first Innai Kansen plot where the doctor continues to play with the female employees at the hospital. There is nothing more interesting in the plot, except this time a few more new characters are introduced. In a way you can say that there is no plot in the game, which is a sad thing. However, the gameplay made up for it. If you are over 18 and hang out at arcades, you might catch a glimpse of some adult silhouette puzzle games such as "Girls Panic" where you run around the perimeter of a picture frame and u cut pieces off and part of the next picture is exposed. This is exactly what Innai Kansen 2 - Nurse Call is all about.

You start off with a picture and you as the doctor runs around the perimeter of the picture and as long as you stay at the perimeter you are fine. However, if you attempt to leave the perimeter and cut a piece of the picture off with your "surgeon knife", you are at risk in getting hit by the nurses who bounces arond the screen trying to hit you. So you need to act fast and cut as much portion of the picture as possible. Of course there are some items in the game which can help you such as 1-ups, Speed-Up potions, Bandages (tapes the nurses on the ground so they don't bounce for a short time).

This type of puzzle game might sound easy to some people. There are 3 levels of difficulty in this game: easy, normal and hard. There are a total of 25 scenarios in the game, and easy covers the first 10, normal covers the first 20 and hard covers all 25 scenes. So if say, you only finish all the easy stages, you only cover 40% of the game. The easy stages are a breeze and should not cause a lot of trouble for people. However, if you get to the hard stages things will start to go insane where the nurses bounces at lightning speed and you have to expose a much much higher percentage of the pic in a much much shorter time. Therefore, Nurse Call is not an easy game, and I am sure many of you will be challenged at the hard stages. However, unlimited continues and gamepad support will help you quite a bit. Basically if you have enough persistence and motivation you will prevail.

The graphics in Innai Kansen 2 is probably the best art ZYX has ever created. They are much more beautiful and vivid than the graphics in the previous game, and they serve as really nice "rewards" when you clear a stage. The music fits into the mood of the game and the sound effects in the puzzles are very nice.

Overall, other than slight lack of plot (hell, you expect a plot in puzzle games?!), Innai Kansen 2 - Nurse Call is a very very nice, fun and challenging game. I recommend this game to all gamers who are demanding in high-quality graphics and extensive and fun gameplay. I am sure this game will stay in your Hard Drive for a long long time, and the puzzles will be good time-killers if you are ever bored.
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