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Name: Natural (80.00% in 8 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

After the release of virtual call 3, fairytale have been a little quiet for sometime. While its partnering company cocktail soft released one of the most worth while games i ever played (Pia Carrot 2) nothing famous aroused from fairytale (or at least so widely know as to get to me). Yet, i was quite surprised by the release of Natural by Fairytale. This game not only match my standards of "Superb Graphics", but also the game play and storyline is really new to the company as a whole.

Even though the game is set in the usual "high school" parameter and the girls you are involved with is also in the school, the game starts off in a very interesting yet tedious way. The game first starts with a confession from a girl saying that she loves you. Then you have an unforgetable moment with her and then the story begins. This is very nice to see this approach because in this game you can either choose to accept her love, or find some other girl to love, or have a "bad ending" with you as an artist going around painting "girls". I really liked the personality in the characters and not to mention all the girls are very well drawn. The storyline is in a way new because you start off differently (instead of winning a girls heart, someone already loves you). Although this is a good beginning, i do not like how the main character can choose to do as he please with her simply because she loves you. He can ask her to make love to her, play with "toys", and some more S&M stuf f. And yet, the main character can still end up having married another woman. This is one aspect of the game i did not like unless, maybe i am just a little traditional but never the less, the bondage stuff do not appeal to me.

As for the sound and voice, i know from fact that this game have really nice music and voice but i cannot enjoy it for some reason or another.

The game have its own "character library" and BGM room as well as a CG bin to view all the superb graphics this game deals with.

Overall i am really impress with this game's graphics and the new approach they took. A word to mention is you can put the girl that confessed to you in the beginning and have fun with her the way you want such as choosing "S&M" or regular position and other stuff. This function of the game is very similar to Pero Pero candy and also there is a "life bar" that goes up when you play around with her. But the other characters do not have this function. The other three (might be four because there is a fourth girl but i cannot win her) characters that you can win their hearts but only have the normal three H-scene of love. If you really want to see all the nicely drawn CGs i recommend hacking it or downloading it from who ever has it because i am still missing 4 endings (the CG modes tell you how many you are missing) after playing the game countless times.
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