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Name: Never Land (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tips
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Helmut

The game seems to get it's motif from the english novel 'Peter Pan'. You are JIMMY, a child of NEVER LAND which is an island of magic and fantasy. You are always accompanied with MAY,a small nimph, and you can fly in the air. NEVER LAND is a world of children who can dream.

One day a probem happens in NEVER LAND. MARK, a boss of pirates, gets a magic stick by which one can transform any thing or person. (Despite the name of male MARK is a girl.) And she makes troubles with it.

So the GOOD SOUL OF THE ISLAND visit JIMMY to entrust the matter to you. You go to England in the real world to visit DAZIRIN, a powerful wizard, to call in his aid. But he has too grown up to know or remember NEVER LAND, so he doesn't believe your word and sends you off. When you make an attempt at second time you can't even approach his house, because he's set a magic shield around it. You give up and sleep away. Unexpectedly as you wake up you've passed through the shield because among the sleep there's no opposition to him in your consciousness which is checked by shield. Thus you have an access to his house and in the air you see his daughter APRIL through the window. You enter her room and say to her. Fortunately she knows NEVER LAND for the sake of dream because she is a child. The fact that NEVER LAND in dream actually exists makes her joyful. She listens to what you say and help you. She brings Magic Book from her father's library and travels for NEVER LAND with you.

But on the way she disappears as you sleep, so you visit DAZIRIN's family again and by their magic you come to know that she is abducted by SEPTEMBER,a wicked wizard who's been expelled from the real world because of bad conducts. As DAZIRIN can't enter fantasy world himself, you should go and help his daughter. He gives you PUZZLE BOX of magic which can absorb magical things and persons, and JUNE accompanies you who is a maid transformed from the dog by his magic.

You come back to NEVER LAND and save a girl MARY and mermaids from the creatures transformed by MARK. You go to her pirate ship and save ROSE, MARY's sister. Then a crocodile, in which a watch makes ticking, suddenly appears and swallows the magic stick which has fallen from the hand of MARK. MARK says that she's just picked up the stick near an castle of an island. You suppose that the castle is the headquarters of the SEPTEMBER.

Thus you sail on the MARK's ship for the castle. And in the castle you defeat goblins and SEPTEMBER with PUZZLE BOX. But your salvation is too late to save APRIL. Is she doomed to die here? Look at it yourself.

Characters' names seem to be made of english word. But they are displayed in japanese of course.


It's general. By mouse click or return key you can go ahead. As see / think / say ... menu shows up, choice one. Clicking of the right mouse button at any time calls save / load menu. At opening of the game you can start from first, load a saved game, re-view the scenes that you've seen, or listen to a chosen music [omake]. It doesn't support the skip function of [control] key in other games. The game is simple. You'll go on without difficulty.


The level of graphic is medium. Generally it looks lively but outlines are coarse a bit. There's few hentai scene of JIMMY. It's only one with MAY in a dream. Maybe because JIMMY is just a child. Most of hentai scene is of girls with goblins or girl with girl. The GOOD SOUL OF THE ISLAND shows you a few illusive hentai scene as he appears. Personally I like scenes of MARK. She's pretty and positive at hentai.


It works. No problem. It's midi file and refined and tender. I like it.
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