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Name: MaMaToTo - A Record of War (75.00% in 16 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: ^_^

Many many years ago there was a king who invented the mobile fortress which is used to help him invade other fortresses. As a result, he was able to conquer the entire continent within a short period of time. Hundreds of years have passed and this kingdom no longer existed. However, mobile fortresses are still used by many countries for warfare.

Twenty years ago, a country called Mamatoto, which is based on a mobile fortress, appeared out of nowhere. The king of Mamatoto is called Kakaro, who is a great warrior and has summoning powers. With his one-eyed general, Mamatoto has never been lost a single war. 3 years has passed and Mamatoto has became weak because it doesn't have any land (remember it is just a moving fortress). At this time king Kakaro's son Nanasu comes in and helps Mamatoto...

In this game, you play the role of Nanasu and the purpose of the game is to conquer the continent. To do that you need to build up the army and train your generals/warriors. Basically, there are 2 modes in Mamatoto: SLG mode and ADV mode. In the SLG mode your role is to expand your fortress, the tetris-like mode. By building extra buildings you can make more soldiers.You can increase the heart HP, the life of mamatoto, by making buildings. There is a place you can create weapons for your generals to make them stronger. You can power up the generals by giving them magical items that goes with their weapons.

One thing to keep in mind is that in Mamatoto weapons are build via "chips" (or "cards") and building costs money. The only way you can get them is from the battles!There are three types of battle. The first type is one general, along with the soliders you manufactured fights the enemies.If these enemies get past your defense line, they will go to the second battle.In the second battle you can choose 6 generals to protect the base. If enemies can get past this defense line, they will go the the final battle.The last battle type is the hardest one in my opinion, you can only control one general to fight against all the enemies. If the enemies get past this final defense line, they will attack the heart. The heart HP will decrease and if the heart HP goes to 0, it will be game over.

PS. There is a practice mode where you train your generals until they are ready for the next stage. You can also get more "chips" and money this way, which I think is a very nice thing to have in a game.

PROS: This game has two different style of gameplay for users to play with, plus it has 3 different battle types. So users won't get bored with the game easily. And the graphics are really nice.(640x480 in 16bit mode graphics). Plus the music really put the game in the right mood!

CONS: It would be better if there was some animation to the game. Also, I really think it would be a better ideal to use midi instead of CD tracks for the music.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO: AliceSoft Fans, and anyone with some knowledge of Japanese.
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