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Name: Mahjong Fantasia 2 (70.00% in 3 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: DOS
Company: Active
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Xser

Mahjong Fantasia 2 is the prequel to the last game I reviewed, Mahjong Fantasia 3. In general, there isn't a big difference between the two games except that the third sequel has better graphics and sound than this one. This game also follows the format of a shared mahjong/RPG style and allows three mode of play.

The three mode of play are RPG mode, verses mode, and practice mode. They are the same as Mahjong Fantasia 3 so I will just briefly explains them here. (check my review for Mahjong Fantasia 3 for more detailed descriptions)

In the RPG mode, you go around as Nick. You have just lost your lover as she sacrifices herself to save your life. However, you are told that there is a chance that you can resurrect her, and thus you follow the clues and the hints in order to resurrect your beloved. And off course, you use mahjong as weapons to fight off the oppositions during your travel. (hentai scenes usually follows victory) In the verses mode, you have six girls to choose to play mahjong against. Following each win, you will strip her clothes piece by piece and the final victory comes when she is entirely naked. In the practice mode, you basically play mahjong with the computer. I recommend starting out with this mode if you have no prior experience with mahjong because this mode is a great learning tool.

The style of mahjong in this game is also Japanese, with slight variations on the rules for the Chinese version as with Mahjong Fantasia 3. However, what this game lack is the four-player mahjong capability that the third sequel has. This game only support two player. However, after playing both Mahjong Fantasia 2 and 3, I find that this extra feature really doesn't improve the quality of the game since what other opponents do is irrelevant to your mahjong hand. (Explanation: To win big in the mahjong game, you cannot take any tile from other players, and you shouldn't need to. Thus, the mahjong tiles that the opponents throw out are of no use, which means the number of players is also irrelevant.) Therefore, the lack of this feature didn't degrade the quality of this game.

Story: 2/10 Typical plot. Kind of boring.

Gameplay: 5/10 Nothing especially special, yet it didn't cause me any trouble.

Graphics: 5/10 Not as good as Mahjong Fantasia 3.

Music: 5/10 Average DOS music.

Overall: 5/10 It is a nice short game to play. However, nothing particular stands out to make it a must play game.
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