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Name: Moon (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tactics
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Many of you have probably not heard of the company Tactics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Tactics is a quite a new company in computer gaming industry. So, some of you guys might not have heard of the name, Tactics, or the game, Moon. As far as I know, I have only seen two games released and produced by Tactics. One is obviously Moon and the other is Dousei

The game, Moon, has a somewhat mysterious atmosphere that surrounds the story. It is about a girl named, Ikumi, who has joined a training of a religious group called FARGO. FARGO is a mysterious organization that is central around a group of people who has some supernatural power. Ikumi's mother has joined the religion since Ikumi was young. For some unknown reason, some special agent from FARGO assassinated her mother. As a result, Ikumi decided to join the ESP (supernatural) training offered by FARGO in hope to find the truth behind her mother's death and the secret hidden in FARGO. While Ikumi was transported to the training camp, she met two other girls that also become the key role in story. Ikumi and the two other girls will find out what happens in the camp and finds out the truth of what they are looking for.

Upon the hundreds of games I have played, Moon is one of the top adventure games I have ever experienced. The graphics are nicely drawn and the girls look beautiful. Although Moon is considered to be an adventure game, you will need to walk around the camp and talk to different people. Unlike those normal adventure games where you just click through texts and choose texts, Moon can let you have some freedom of control. The game features multi-ending. You will make several key-decision making during the game that will effect your ending. Among the decisions, making decision in ELPOD will be an important key in getting a good ending. Overall, the game is very good to play. The story is very detailed. The usage of flashback between you and your childhood as well as other characters' really provide a lot of background and story line to the player. Even though this game is not as popular as some H-games released in Japan (i.e. games from Alice, Elf, F&C, etc.), but if you want som e decent story with excellent H-scenes, Moon should be your choice.


Graphics - 8.5/10 The game is set in hi-color resolution. The drawings are very nicely drawn; comparable to many excellent H-games that was released. Since this game is set in a mysterious theme, the use of color is usually in deep blue or some melancholy colors (!?).

Story - 9/10 The story is very, very detailed. One particular element that makes this game addictive is that it does not give you all the information at once. You will want to know more about Ikumi and other characters. You will want to know what the heck is going on in this terrible place, why does the other girl come to the place, who is the mysterious young boy in your room, and more questions will pop out as everyday goes by (in the game).

Gameplay - 4/10 What can I say? This is an adventure game. You will not be able to get much gameplay from adventure games, but story. The game is somewhat hard for the first few time, but if you keep trying you should get good ending. One good thing in the game is that you can have over 30 slots for saving your game process. In case you get a bad end, you can go back and start from the middle. One recommendation is save in the beginning of everyday.

Music - ??/10 Sorry. I will try to give a rating of the music if I ever get a chance to find the music file. Like before, there's no sound included with the ripped version.

Moon and related images are copyrighted by Tactics.
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