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Name: Kawaharazakike no Ichizoku (70.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

When people mention the game company, Elf, the first thing you would think of would probably be Dokyusei, Kakyusei, and Kawaharazakike no Ichizoku. You have probably seemed these famous titles appeared on several platform and OS in Japan already. Dokyusei and Kawaharazaki have first appeared in PC under DOS. Kakyusei has first appeared in PC-98. After Dokyusei and Kakyusei have being remade for different consoles and OS, Elf has finally decided to remake their well-reputed Kawaharazaki for Windows 95.

In case you are new to H-game industry and have not yet heard of the game Kawaharazaki, the story behind Kawaharazaki is that you are a college sophomore in a second-ranked university who has been hired by the family of Kawaharazaki as a servant to worked in their huge mansion. You have been suspicious about the hiring of you for such high pay, but you still decided to go because first you get to date the girls and second you believe it is a learning experience for you. When you arrived at the mansion, you will meet the daughter and the wife of Kawaharazaki as well as the two other female servants. While you are working in there, you will begin to suspect something strange about the family of Kawaharazaki and the servants. As you progress in the game, you will learn more and more about the horrible secret of Kawaharazaki.

The Windows 95 version of Kawaharazaki is an improvement over the DOS version of Kawaharazaki. The graphics are completely redrawn by elf with more colors, animations, and H-depth. I also found some new pictures that Elf has added into the game that did not appear in the DOS version. Aside from the graphic improvement, Elf also boosts the game with enhanced BGM and added voice that DOS version lack. With the addition of voice and enhancement of BGM, the game gives more realistic feel to players. Overall, Kawaharazaki is an excellent game that anyone should not miss. This game is a must for anyone who has not yet played the game before, but anyone who had played the DOS version will still be addicted to the game as well.


Graphic - 9.5/10 Outstanding improvement over the DOS version of Kawaharazaki. Elf has done an excellent job remaking the graphic of this game. Some pictures are slightly different from the DOS version, however it is a lot better than the ones in DOS. The girls look even more beautiful with the high resolution and colors, not to mention that the DOS version is already good.

Story - 9.5/10 The story is very interesting. I have not played this game for some times now, and replaying this game brought back the old memories that I first played this game. The mysterious atmosphere makes this game fun to play. You will slowly gain bits of information about the secret of Kawaharazaki.

Gameplay - 8/10 This is a difficult game to play. Depending on which choice you choose, endings and H-scenes will be different. One good thing for those non-Japanese readers is that by clicking the right-mouse button, you can speed up the text and makes the game less boring. However, for those who can read Japanese or perhaps Chinese, you must not miss the enjoyment of reading the story. One interesting part of the game I found out is that there one part where you can choose to drive a BMW, Mercedes, or other expensive cars which might effect your ending also (I guess).

Music - 8/10 The music adds more depth to the game. The mysterious music helped the game to create an intense and mystical atmosphere. The voices are also a great feature that makes this game fun to play.

Kawaharazakike no Ichizoku and related images are copy righted by Elf.

Feel free to email me for more information.
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