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Name: Koukan Nikki (55.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Synchro-ni-City
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

If you liked Dokyusei series, you should try Koukan Nikki (Exchange Diary - correct me if I'm wrong). Koukan Nikki has a gameplay somewhat similar to Dokyusei. You will be able to meet different females in the town. At the end, you will be with the girl that you liked the most.

Koukan Nikki made by Synchro-ni-City is a game that is packed with two episodes. The main character in the two episodes will be the same, but the girls and events will be completely different. In the opening of the first episode, the game starts from three females' perspective. You will go through three long introductions on how the three girls get to fall in love with the main character. One of the three girls gets to know you when you h elped her in the bus. Since then, she has searched much information about you through her friends and started a diary about you. In the same period of time, another of the three girls met you when she injured her foot and coincidentally you helped her band-aiding her injured foot. Like the previous girl, she kept a diary about you. The third girl gets to know you when you gave her your umbrella during a raining day. Again, like the previous two girls, she also has a diary. During the introduction, you will receive great details about the three girls as well as the friend they talked to. At the end of the introduction, the three girls will meet through their friends' arrangement and they will exchange their diary. From here on, you are in control of yourself. You will begin to date and talk to the girls and their friends. Eventually you will end up with one of the girl you like the most.

In the second episode, the main character carries the same name and age. However , the whole theme takes place in different place and the girls are completely different. Unlike the previous episode, the introduction is taken from the main character's perspective. Although the introduction is still time-consuming, you will learn many details about the girls you met. Throughout the episode, you will have "fun" with several female characters you met. At the end, you will get to choose whom you will be with.

Overall, this is a great game to play. However, if you can't read Japanese, it's another story then. Koukan is very similar to the game Dokyusei. The long introduction, the gameplay, and the H-scenes are all very similar to Dokyusei. Like Dokyusei, the introduction will give you the whole background about yourself and the girls. In Koukan, you will be able to choose where to go similar to Dokyusei (although not identical). Best of all, the H-scenes are like Dokyusei where you will enjoy the foreplay by clicking on the girl's "body" parts.

RATING Graphics - 7/10 Even though the graphics are somewhat "dull" compare to many new games released in Japan, the pictures are still stunning to watch. The first episode has a poorer quality than the second episode. However, they are all nice to view. One improvement over Dokyusei is that some H-scenes are animated.

Story - 9/10 The story is very interesting. You are a college second year student and you will meet many high school students in the game. Your goal is to find you true love. The most interesting aspect of the game is that the first episode starts in three females' perspectives.

Gameplay - 6/10 There are hardly any controls in the game. The only place you will be controlling is the part where you will choose where to go and some choices you need to make during the conversation. However, this game is a definitely a multi-ending game. You will see different H-scenes depending which girls to choose to be with.

Music - 6/10 Nice music. Another outstanding element of the game is its voice. You will hear speeches throughout the game.
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