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Name: Kyoushi (66.15% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Crowd
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Being released after the ever so popular Xchange, this game just doesn't fit into the "forseen" popularity. I for once played Xchange and find its story very interesting. Besides the story, the graphics were also very "new" in fact it was the first game that used 16 bit. *Please refer to Xchange review done by GTO if you want more information on this game*

Yet, i was literally stomped by the game's lack of interesting storyline. This game have the most unoriginal storyline and on top of which the game is the usual see see no play type of game. The story behind the game is about you being hired as a teacher at a all girls school. And because of the pervert you are, you somehow take advantage of the girl students around you. (Reminds you of a little bit of Syusaku doesn't it?). Well at least the game offers three different linear story . This is because you can pick wheter to be a P.E teacher, Arts teacher, or a Chem teacher. The girls that would appear in the game would be right under the story you choose so it is no surprise at all. Some parts of this story i actually find it distasteful. (If you actually want to play the game and don't want to be spoiled then skip to the next paragraph) Like the scene when you are teaching art and you go over to a student's house to counsel. During the course of this you can actually force the mother to have sex with you on an agreement and rape the student after. Well i can't say much about this because some H gamers don't mind a little rape and there but this reviewer doesn't like it. SO what it basically comes down to is the person playing the game.

Although the story lacks the "fun" in most h games now a days (such as dating simulation or RPG) this game does have superb graphics which does match the popular Xchange game. I can't comment much on the music because i got the rip version but then the music room does have a cg gallery where you can look at pictures and listen to music.

Overall, I personally did not like this game but some people might due to its high quality graphics. A thing i would like to mention though its that you will need a bug fix to play this game under win98. This is located in the crowd homepage. I do not know what is wrong with it because i have win95 and i only heard of this rumor from some other people.
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