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Name: Kasumi Yuugi (68.33% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jast/Tiara/Purple
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Yes, it's a Jast game. There are a few sensitive terms and to avoid any controversy, I will try to make this review as politically correct as possible. Please use your imagination to elaborate on it.

With the advancing technology, man is able to create realistic man-made humanoids. One variation of such is the virtual brothels, one of which is called Karma. Such places are so expensive that spending one night there costs a month's salary. You as the player of this game, luckily got a freebie guest pass to this virtual brothels. There you meet an overly cute (and I mean REALLY) robot called Kasumi, and she is who you will spend your night life with....and what's so special about Kasumi? Her "membrane" can regenerate.

Your guest pass can only last for ten visits, so you only have ten go's with Kasumi and that's it, so you'd better make those 10 visits worthwhile. Each visit, Kasumi will greet you (and if applicable a little chat) and will let you choose one of the 6 costumes she will wear during your visit, ranging from sailor suit uniforms to cat-girl pyjamas to waitress uniforms. After that you can choose the virtual scenario setting; either a simple "do-it-yourself" (DIY) or you can set up a "situation" where the system will give you a background storyline and everything is "acted out" based on the type of uniform. Finally, since Kasumi has that regenerating "thingy," you can choose to either have that "thingy," or not. In terms of scenario selection, besides the DIY option and the situation option, 2 costumes can offer you a bath, and 1 costume has a secret situation which is not activated until you get all of the 3 happy endings with Kasumi. Unfortunately, that's it for the game...since it's a brothel's just do-do-do. If you just do that you will get a platonic ending and if you don't want that you'd better put some work into it. But in terms of gameplay, there isn't much to it and more sadly (however, better than just click-click), not too much of a story in this game, although the occassionally humorous dialogues help a bit. In addition, although I think the idea of a "membrane-regenerating" girl robot is pretty fresh for a H game, but in Kasumi Yuugi, the difference between whether u have the "thingy" or not is just the "red effect" on the screen and nothing else, and it would be better if Purple can expand that more.

Graphics-wise, I'd have to emphasize that the graphics in Kasumi Yuugi is a ***definite improvement*** from previous Jast games (wow). Graphic quality looks really decent and damn Kasumi is too cute and way too adorable...just as cute as the girls in Little My Maid...rather, a bit too adorable that you just don't want to hurt her....Music-wise it's decent but I would like to mention that the opening song is nicely done.

However, there is one issue that made me spend the whole night thinking. Of the 3 good endings, one of them is you ending up dating with Kasumi...but then err...she is a robot. Well, that's acceptable. Then I went to the next good ending where...great lord....after years passed Kasumi comes to your apartment with a girl saying that she is "our child." great lord, since when do robots start to be able to bear children?! I am pretty sure Kasumi is a robot (from both the website and manual)....but then if I am wrong and Kasumi is a real person (which justifies the pregnancy issue) then what's the deal with the "regenerating membrane"? Just a thought.....probably most people can't recognize this conflicting issue.

Overall, although still suffering from gameplay and lack of a real plot, I would have to say Kasumi Yuugi is probably the best Jast game out there to date. Its main point of attraction is undoubtedly its improved graphics and the overly cute Kasumi design which will definitely attract people who are into cute-looking girls (stares at someone he knows). If you love cute little girls wearing different costumes and you love the idea/feel of "penetration," or if you just want to just see CGs fairly easily, then yes play this Jast game. Now if Peter Payne would translate this....

PROS: Amazingly improved graphics, voice acting, plus a nice opening song...and I'd have to say a nice concept with the "regenerating thingy."

CONS: No real existing plot. No real gameplay (although better than just click-click). The "regenerating thingy" concept should be taken more further.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO: People who have faith in Jast games, people who love overly cute overly underage-looking girls like the ones in Little My Maid, and people who love the idea/feel of continuous "penetration."
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