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Name: Choita Subarasiki Chounouryoku Jinsei (59.60% in 25 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Liar
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tabris

Lets put it plain and simple, this game maybe one of the most disappointing game i have played during the winter break. Five seconds (well more like five days) and it was off my HD. Let me discuss how this game made it to my HORRIBLE game list.

First off, the story was definitly something corny. I can find pornos funnier than this mock jokes. The story is about some guy that had an accident and from that got x ray vision, and as you can tell this is the H part of the game. After having this supernatural power, unusual events starts occuring and you of course is wrapped up in this. And as you can tell the unusual events is just some kind of sex crimes and he investigates the whole situation like a detective with x ray vision.

Second the music is horrible, after playing nanpa win98 version i came to this game and simply turned off my speakers. Not only was it annoying, but i also found it a disgrace. Very cheesy in fact.

Third the graphics seems like drawings from the 80s. I can find dos games with better graphics (well besides the color i can definitly find better drawings).

Fourth was its attempt to make it sell to H gamers. I mean damn, if the story is bad, the graphics is horrible, and the music sucks, what can attract gamers to this game? One answer is the ctrl key. This game doesn't need much japanese understanding (well some parts actually lead to game over but you can always reload) and that there is practically a H scene every time since you have x ray vision. Something i personally am not fond of.

Well enough trashing of the game heres the ratings.

PROS - None

CONS - Everything mentioned above

Recommended to - hmm this is a tough one, i guess i can recommend this to people who solely plays just for H scenes with out understanding the story
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