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Name: Tokimeki Memorial 2 (85.32% in 62 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: PSX
Company: Konami
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tabris

For those of you who even clicked on the review to read this must know of or heard about Tokimeki Memorial. The sequel to the ever so popular series finally came out with intense graphics and a few more add ons to the original game.

First lets begin with a overview of the game, for those of you not familiar with the game play system from part 1 should read my Tokimeki Memorial review. The game is basically about your life in high school and how you need to win a girl by the end of your high school years. In part one there was a mystical tree and with o surprise this sequel have a mystical bell that will keep a couple together for eternity.

The characters of course are different as well, there are a total of 10 girls, 3 more secret girls and a bunch of supporting characters. One advance in the game is that other guys are trying to woe the girls of their dreams as well, so be careful with the girls. I will further go into the discussion of the girls in the game play.

The music in this game is awesome. Plus the fact that there is voice acting, whom also says YOUR own NAME. This is a very interesting system called emotional voice system. You can set a girl to say your name with the accent you want. I think this is really neat but the disadvantage to this is that you need a big save card. It took 11 spaces to do this little trick on my save card.

Notice i didn't mention anything about the graphics yet. Maybe because the game is especially designed for PSX that there can't be ay words to describe its animation. I have never seen such well designed animation and facial expression in my life. On the other hand i think the 3d character in the stat mode is not as cute as the 2d character in part 1. Something thats from a personal standpoint mainly.

I gave a very brief overview of the game because i want to talk about the new gameplay in pretty good detail. Aside from the simulation bring that relates to the original game, there is also added features towards this. The added features are childhood system, facial expressions, and conversation starter. The childhood system is completely out of comparison. This system makes the game so realistic that i actually fell in love with it. The system is actually 5 days for you to explore the town when you are a kid. In this time, you will meet a lot of the heroines in the game and they will be introduced with some major events that links to events that happen in high school. Memories, what a wonderful thing right? well yeah, not only is trying to find special events with characters important, you can also walk around town and get a mental question asking about say for example the high school, there normally is three choices when you click at the high school, this is basically questions that ask about your personality which will actually raise your stats because of your childhood personality. Neat system huh? Well not quiet yet. The second system, the facial expressions, are extremely tricky but also very very awesome. In this game, the facial expressions of the girls matters as well. When you talk toa girl, like meeting kotoko in the beginning, she doesn't pay attention to you and you can notice her eyes stare away. This is a key point to winning the game, pay attention to facial expressions. Also another system that deals with the girls directly is the conversation starter. There is a button, i believe is r1, that gets you into that manual when you say hi. And what r1 does is brings you a bunch of options on how to address the girls. This is also important because remember that girls don't like to be called their first name unless you are really friendly with them =). Some girls will actually get mad if you call her the wrong name. What is also nice about this game that is not a system is the relationships. Other guys can get at girls as well, so be careful. Stats play an important role in the game and remember one thing, the girl you like that also likes you are linked. What i mean by this is that there is actually a stat level going on with the girls as well that oyu indirectly command. When you choose to read for the week, the girl will also read too. So that is another thing to pay attention to.

Pros - Excellent game. I remembered when i played tokimeki for pc engine a long time ago, i proclaimed that that was one of the games that got me started on avgs. So even though you might consider me a tokimeki fan, i am more of a supporter for something i believe in. And after playing this game again, i undoubtedly thought that yes this was the feeling of playing an excellent AVG that i had playing tokimeki for the first time 5 years ago.

Cons - The saving space for the EVS voice system is too big, 11 slots!!!! Also the 3d graphics is not as cute as the 2d little guy in part 1.

Recommended to - Anybody who wants to play an excellent excellent AVG simulation game, Tokimeki fans, and definitly people who likes good animation design for girls.
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