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Name: Viper GTB (60.61% in 99 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Sogna
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

First of all, this new Viper GTB is actually a addon / continuation to the previously released Viper V16. If you are a Viper fan then refresh your memory by reading the V16 review first whic is located here.

The story of GTB sets off from daily life of Akira. Like most games problem occurs and blah blah. This time (if you remenber from V16) Saki comes back to surface to beg for help of Akira and Karin. Apparently XXX took over the underworld and put Saki's husband as sex slave. The odd thing is that all she wanted was his 'CUM'.

After proceding in GTB for a while I noticed that the graphics and sound are still pretty much the same. The first few scenes is kinda funny (all Viper Series had a sence of humor and parody). The objective of the game is to stay alive and enjoy watching the animations.

Overall GTB is another Viper series that should be resold or played once only. There is not much point in replaying GTB. V16 has more value and more 'QUALITY' Animation. Hopefully later this year Sogna will release more games that has Asuka in it :)

Graphics: 7.5/10
Its got less the same ol' Viper Specialty alright. But something is missing here.

Story: 4/10
I really think Sogna needs to start writting some good plots like Viper CTR.

Voice/Music: 8/10
The usual Sogna stuff but i still like their VAs :)

Game Interphase: 2/10
There is really no interphase in all Sogna games. Just simple point and click. Viper V16 and GTB have an extra 2D RPG Dungeon map style roaming. Kinda useless though.

Overall: 5/10
Its an 'OKAY' game. I would not waste money on it though.
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