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Name: Boku No Imouto, Sweet Gemini (50.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: RIPE
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

A rather not so well known company RIPE released this interesting game. This game rather remainds me of previously released games that had younger characters in it. The morally is a question that you should not ask when playhing H-GAMES and this is one of the case where you should not even bother asking.

The game's objective is quite simple. You are a 'brother' and you need to 'take care' of your 'sisters' and 'friends'. The game time is rather short, 2 weeks of game time which takes about 60 minutes to finish (just hold on to CTRL to by pass).

There isn't really away to get a bad ending unless you are really newbie to this type of text H-GAMES. Its so simple that anyone can finish it. The H-SCENES are only based on what girl you see. The game console was so poorly programmed that answering the questions wrong will not affect you although sometimes you do need to answer it right for special characters. There is a total of 6 Characters in this game including the main character.

Summary. If you like 'chiid-porn' then you would like this new game. For most mature players this might be abit of a odd game to play. This game is also newbie-friendly. Just watch and click.

Console: 1/10
There isn't really no game console here but I do like the CG MODE layout :)

Graphics: 7/10
The artist is really talented in drawing school girls after all they never mentioned how old they are.

Story: 5/10
Some how this game got its twists. I never imagined to be able to 'go-to-bed' with ppl this young. The story is pretty UNIQ!

Sound/Music: 7/10
Although after listening to 60 minutes of game music I have to say it's a bit boring but it is well done. The VAs have achived in making audience feel that its actually a school girl talking. Specially the H-SCENEs ^_^.

Overall: 7/10
Since I don't really like child games, I rarely play them. So running across something like this is something new so i would give a 7.

I recommend this game to new H-GAMERS and ppl who likes
school girls and child-porn! *cough* *cough*...

PS. Is this even legal?? ^_^
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