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Name: Yuhi no Naka de Kimiha (67.50% in 8 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Saba
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

I am glad to announce that this game is way better than the previous game I reviewed (Aigan Shoujou). Yuhi contains a little bit of everything. It's at least got a story and multiple pics and endings. This game is by far more mature than Aigan.

Story: 5/10
The games story starts when YOU the main character, Male, goes into a town for a vacation. During the Vacation wild things started to happen and from it you find the person that you loved for soo long. Its basically an EVERYOTHER man's DREAM. The creator didn't add anything unsual to this game. It follows that flot pretty good.

Game Console: 4/10
Although the console is cheaply made, I have to agree that the coder actually put some thoughts in it. The choices that you make in-game doesn't affect much of the CGs and ENDINGS that you will get. Usually ONLY 1 CHOICE will work and the rest just kicks u back to the same question. Feel free to randomly pick cause it will not ruin the fun.

Graphics: 4/10
The graphics for this game is the only part that I have to complain about. The artist who did the characters didn't have a great skill in drawing eyes. They lack alot of work. The coloring wasn't done with alot of care either. But the artist has a pretty good talent in drawing hands. There is plenty of H going on the game. You will end up sleeping with everyone you know and thats FOR SURE. But the imperfect graphics kind of blows.

Sound: 4/10
Well lets all give this company a praise for attempted vocal track. hey, they tried. The Music track that came with the game is pretty scary, I recommend all thoes who play this game to not listen to the songs. Well on a low budget company like this i wouldn't hope for a realy sound production anyways. I was hoping for some type of easy romantic ending but instead i got freaked and ran CTL-DEL-ALT my comp. Oh well you decide the rating for the ending song please.

Overall: 5/10
I would say if you just want an easy H game this one is the one to get. But keep in mind this game has an average number of pictures with below average looks. It would be a waste of money to buy this one. I would suggest if it's under 8USD then get it.

Recommended to all those who have too much cash. Help the creators please!
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