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Name: Can Can Bunny Primo (86.00% in 5 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Cocktail Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

The current release of the Can can bunny series. This game uses the old story of the very first can can bunny and redraw the pictures for win95.

Story: 75%
As mentioned before, the game have the old Can Can bunny story, this game is about a guy having trouble with his love live and this bunny goddess helped him out by telling him that there are five girls in his life and he gets a little book about their information. He have 7 days to complete this task and there are various items you can purchase to please the woman you love...

H Content: 66%
There are very little H-scenes in the game. There are only five girls in this game that you can "win their heart" and this is through a long conversation that you engage in with the girl. If you are not very good in Japanese then this would be hard since you only see H scenes when you impress the girl to the highest extent.

Graphics: 66%
The games graphics is rather disappointing. The graphics are not as good as i would like it. If the game is to be redone, they should have completely renovated the old CGs and impressed teh gamers with new ones instead.

Sound: 70%
I think the music for this game is decent. The files are rather small but the game is very interesting so the music doesn't need to be excellent like the other games.

System/Setup: 80%
The system requirement is quiet easy to meet. Because although Jwin95 is required, Win95 can play the game as well. But the game plays in full screen mode and because i have the ripp version, it reads A: drive (the disk drive) a lot.

Game Play: 100%
I think the game is really Hard. Not to mention that the game requires a lot of knowledge in Japanese. But i like how you start a conversation with the girl and continues the conversation just like in real life so i think this deserves a full 20 points even though it is the old Can can bunny version.

Extras: 70%
There is a CG mode, music mode , and a voice mode which i find really interesting because you can hear the old conversations you had with the girl you com pleted.

Rating: 77%
The game is quite interesting and i find it that the conversation between the people are made to the fact that it is very realistic i think it deserves more points for the gameplay. This game is very fun the first time but you would eventually get bored of it so i gave it the score it deserve.
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