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Name: Baito he ikou (83.75% in 8 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Bags
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Like most other ADV games out there, baito he ikou (lets goto work!) was built to be a point-and-click story telling program. Ofcourse with a few Questions on the side that will lead you to different endings. After playing N ADV games i have to say that this is not all alike the other ones. Its got a few of its own details.

Story line 6/10
You as main character (m), gets a winter vacation that you will not forget. Living somewhere on the world, with your parents on vacation, a period of appx 2 weeks of solitude is given to you. During this time you will be able to roam around your area and meet new girls. There are a total of 5 girls each working in a different location. By default Tomoko will come to live with you during this days, each day you can chose to stay home and party, or go out and find job to do. Every job have a different girl there (hint: Tomoko works in that church type of thing over there). Usually everytime you meet a girl that you are going after, a conversation will start (duh) and sometimes depending on what you chose to say, you will either make better impressions or NOT make impressions. The game ends on Jan/4th so happy huntings all you pimpdaddys out there!

Graphic 8/10
Its hard to tell, they didn't do a good job combining the CG to the game. Or maybe it was a resolution problem. On close inspection there are some blury parts on the out line of each character. They might have drawn it abit small then decided to enlarge it. The style is good, big eyes grown teen body and with right porpotions. (the H scene is quite neat also ^_^)

Sound 7/10
The music is all CD quality (its Audio tracks, DUH) kind of remainds me the original Doukyuse 2 series from ELF. -sigh-

Game Controls/System 7/10
Its a really simple menu, There is a little S mark on the dialog box. I didn't know what it did. After searching all over the screen for the safe button i accidentally clicked on the S icon and the menu poped out. They should have added a sign that said ' MENU '. But its simplicity is quite welcome

Overall 7/10
Its not a bad game, with good music and okay content i would say its not a waste of time. But ofcourse if you got it but don't wana waste alot of time you can always download the CG patch ^_^;
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