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Name: Aishimai (63.66% in 71 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Well after N years Elf finaly came out with another master piece for all our Elf Maniacs out there. I am truely stumped by what quality of games that Elf came back. Though out the years i have to admit thats the only Japanese game maker that had me spending like mad. Its legends date back 1989 for its famous series Dragon Knight ( which had some translated to english as well ). As time advanced soo did elf, coming out with games like Doukyusei series and a few other top sellers. Dokyusei 3 might still be in the production rumors indicate. Although Elf have not said anything nor promised anything about Doukyusei 3. I apologize for the previous wrong rumor about Doukyusei3

Aishimai first came out around the 90s ( don't remember exact year ). Actually i think SILKY did the first edition of AISHIMAI but correct me if I am wrong. I also remember that a company in the US actually did translation and released Silky's AISHIMAI in english. Where to get it? Its such an old game that i have no idea where. Silky's version is quite small, only around 10mb. Then now its 2000, ELF releases Aishimai again! But in INTENSE QUALITY!

Story 8/10
Storyline didn't change much, it is a remake after all. It follows the plot of a poor family of girls getting in some trouble and ran out of money. The main character is like a watcher over the girls and asks money from them. Unable to pay in time the 3 sisters offers sex in return of delay or loan. As time goes by, chemistry happens and your fate is decided on who you chose to be with. There is a chance that you might get the unhappy ending which is, jail time. So watch thoes buttons.

Graphic 9/10
I have always loved Elf's style of drawing. Its really mature looking and well colored. Ofcourse there has been a HUE leap between the old Aishimai and the new one. Try the sample pictures for yourself.

Sound 10/10
This is one special game that elf had to make. Its goal was to add the best VA(Voice Actress) posible. Even 'carefully' making the juicy parts as well. Heck i think its even in surround sound mode too. The VA is quite talented in this job, wonder if she is a pro and which field. This is what this game is all about, the sound. Its quite hard to tell how does it really feel with words. They added enviromental sound to match up with the story. So pretty much every sound that you would hear in real life they were added.

Game Console 8/10
Like most elf games the INGAME clicking can be avoided by holding down the CTRL KEY. This will ofcourse speed up the game AWHOLE LOT but it will also make you miss what the game is about. It has quite a new CG interphase that i like. In picture negative modes. Really creative.

Over all 9.5/10
This is a must get game for all you out there. It doesn't take along time to finish and its quite simple to play. Even if just the H, you can relive the moments by using the SCENE selection tool. For more info visit their website. They even have a SOUND DEMO on it.
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