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Name: Love Love Roboko (40.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Applepie
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

wai~~~ isn't the name 'Love Love Roboko(RobotGrl)' just catchy to everyone? It just remainds me of the older robot doll series that came out not long ago. Well get ready for more Robo Action as This piece of game takes a bite in your wallet. Applepie has been in the H industry for quite a while now. Games that they make will have a point and its share of the vast otaku market.

Story 7/10
So, what are you going to be this time? Well, quite similar to the other times if you recall. A male in 18~25 years old and surrounded by beautiful women. Well maybe not all Women, Robo in this case. Now please get your H mind off that Metalic stuff, we are talking about RoboGrls who look like "Metal Idol Key" or T1000 Just with softer skin and better emotion(we knew T1000 had a tender side). In this game you land in Japan as a regular business man. yes one that goes to work everyday, or you can call your self a salary man. Your dad, the super Robo freak has just passed away and left 3 of his last works to play with you ( or play with them rather ). So you gets a time Spam of 7 days to Live in this enviroment, until something really bad happen which you might see in one of the endings. This robogrls act just like human beings ( sometimes just abit out of control and abnormal ). Each robogrl will work for 1 day then HAVE to be turned off the other. Which means if #1 is on today she will in no way come out tomorrow to play. Aside from the 3 robogrls there is also 3 'real' girls in the 'real' world that you can get PRETTY close to ( warning some child p0rn might apply, if they catch ya playing it just say its for the sake of art.... ) In this 7 long/short days you will have to goto work, also chase a girl of your choice. You won't be able to finish more than 1 at a time so just play 6 times. it won't take that long.

Sound/Voice 7/10
Well its Standard VA. There is a few scenes in this game that is quite unique. For example a H scene. In the office? Or how about in the Lobby of a large corportation? While on working time? I never thought of how this situation in the real world would be ( ofcourse in the real world not only the female speak... the males can speak also ). it was really fun hearing the poor VA trying to work during a situation like this. Although there is one VA that I pretty much can't deal with. Her voice is just not right... You judge.

Graphic-Console 7/10
its pretty good job they did. This not being a Macromedia production thank you very much. If you haven't noticed, alot of regular ADV games are coded in Macromedia. Not really coded. The beggining stages of production it shows clearly that this was all done in Mac so they pretty much was forced to use Macromedia. But now days its hard to tell if thats Macromedia or just a clone of it. But Love Love Roboko is not a Macromedia Production. ( I think ) They really did code this. Still missing some basic functions but its good enoguh 'desuuuuu'.

Overall 8/10
Well like i mentioned about there is some really quality scenes on here. The office part mostly. If you have money to spent go ahead. Or ofcourse you can stay tooned for more and better recommendations.
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