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Name: SeeIn Ao (62.31% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

wai~~~ Its been a while since i touched anything by Alicesoft. The history of Alice is quite extensive. Surviving in the gaming industry require quite a few fame in gaming making. This game is quite the catch for thoes classic AVG gamers. Alicesoft out done it once again with good CG, story, game console and even music.

Story 8/10
First of all, the name of this game is SeeIn Ao, which means Seeing Blue. Yes i mentioned that this was a classic, well it is. Its got that AVG theme of making choices will give you different endings. Since there is 'quite' a few endings here make sure you use your save files count!

Our main character is male(gee, can they come out with more female characters plz~). You as a college boy in the school of Andrew(Andoru-to) School of Oceanography. Suddenly out of blue your sister joins you in this school. Yes she will be living with you. During a period of 21days, you will meet 6 different girls( and a few etc ppl ). In this 21 days you are expected to end up chosing 1 girl only. Alot of stuff will happen in the path to keep you busy.

Since there is only 21 days every choice that you make will affect the out come of the game. And during the course of playing, you will run into bad endings. So beware of thoes questions that pop-up.

Graphic 9/10
Look at the samples. Need i say more?

Sound/Voice 5/10
Down side of this game is that it doesn't have voice in it. The music is quite nifty but some how the thought of 'every game now days have some type of voice in it' just keeps on coming out.

Console 7/10
There isn't alot of fancy controlling to do in the game. Its kept plain and simple. The simple menus goes well with the simple dialog box and the simple sound setup. Its 'quite' simple i would say(again). Sometime during the game the creators will try to fool you with special control screen that has controls all over the screen literally. Don't worry, just sit back and watch the show.

Overall 8/10
Its quite a game to play around with. Abit hard for the new people to AVG games but with abit of FAQ should be good to go.
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